This is the second Player Review for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, and this time it is Neymar who is the lucky one. He has some pretty good perfomances already this season at this club FC Barcelona, who are the current leaders of the Spanish competition. Neymar is, together with the Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi, the best player on the pitch. Because of that, we decided to give him the honour of a player review on Football Rankings.

Current price PS4 (5 oktober 2014): 300.000
Current price Xbox One (5 oktober 2014): ??

Fifa 15 UT: Neymar Review

Neymar is a very popular player among the ‘Ultimate Teamers’. This is because of his flawless dribbling, his good shot and his awesome acceleration. He is also famous for his decent ball control, which makes him the perfect player on his left wing position!

  • His dribbling: amazing dribbling. Like we said in the Cristiano Ronaldo review, this is very important on this edition of the game. It is very important for his position, because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to beat his direct opponent.
  • His finishing: with a decent shot, he is not outstanding, but his positioning and his volleys makes him perfect when you give a cross in the direction of this man.
  • His skills: he has 5* skills which certainly is his USP (unique selling point). Because of his amazing ball control, he can do every move you want, when you want it. Make sure to check this out!
  • His pace: as I said in my intro, his pace is amazing! He is on this point one of the best players in the world, and combined with the dribbling he is the worst fear of your opponents defence.

In the video below, famous YouTuber AA9skillz will give a review about this player!

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The picture is under the Creative Commons (Jimmy Baikovicius)

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