You know the problem: weird shadows on the pitch and almost every game you play, it is raining. Too wet grass and weird shadows are the most annoying things when you play FIFA. That’s why I have put together a list that consists of the most practical stadiums in FUT 15. This list might be very useful if you are considering which stadium you want to pick. Feel free to give your own opinion on this topic in the comment section!

Best Stadiums – FUT 15

1. King Fahd – Saudi Arabia: This stadium is absolutely my all time favourite. The weather is good, because there’s no rain. Another advantage is that is good looking and there are no shadows. The only strange thing is that this stadium has an athletic track around the pitch, so that doesn’t look very professional. The supporters are far away from the pitch so it is less attractive for them. For playing FIFA this is my favourite pitch.

2. Estadio Vicente Calderón – Madrid: This stadium is used by Atletico Madrid: it has no shadows nor rain and it is still pretty good looking. It has over 55.000 seats, so it is comparable with the Amsterdam ArenA (which got the third spot in this list). The Spanish national team uses this stadium for friendly matches. It looks really class in my opinion and it is not that big to say it is impersonal.

3. Amsterdam ArenA – Amsterdam: This is the official stadium of Ajax and it is used by the Dutch squad for friendly matches. It looks really cool (especially when it is dark), because of the lightening. The fans are close to the pitch, so it is a really good stadium for both: (FUT 15) players and supporters. The only disadvantage is that it rains sometimes..

Let us know which stadium you like!

The used picture was shot by -Ebelien- and edited by us.

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