Here we have me and my friend Jack having a bit of fun acting out FIFA 15 aids and glitches in real life. What do you think is the worst and most annoying thing about FIFA? We discuss several irritations and we have clarified that by making a video about this topic. Feel free to share you opinion with us in the comments!

Most annoying things – FUT 15

First we have the lag. As we all know EA has decided to use bad servers instead of good ones and that’s why in mostly every game we get lag which is a very annoying thing. It could even get worse, because sometimes you will get disconnected from the game. In most cases, that isn’t your fault, but you have to deal with a loss and a bad win/loss ratio. Thanks EA!

Next, we have the goalkeepers. This year, goalkeepers have been worse than ever. Sometimes they dive the complete opposite direction of which the ball is going and sometimes it even looks like they are trying to let the ball in. One of the most overpowered things in FIFA is that you can easily score goals by just dribbling around the goalkeepers.

Thirdly, we have the referees. The referees on FIFA 15 are extremely annoying as they hardly ever get any decisions right. They hardly ever give any fouls while some players are getting snapped and taken out all the time. Sometimes, they can’t even get the offside right.

Finally, we have the new addition to FIFA 15: goal line technology. This system does work, but not very often. If the ball is clearly over the line, FIFA will still need to add the goal line technology to check if it has gone in. Sometimes they don’t give a goal when it is clearly over the line and should be a goal.

EA really need to fix their game for FIFA 16 and make some improvements to make the game better so people can enjoy it better! 

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