This squad builder is made around one man: Memphis Depay! He is a dutch star player who was almost bought (20 million euros) by Tottenham Hotspur during the last transfer period. This squad is a hybrid squad builder and consists of some PSV players (Dutch Eredivisie) combined with some big stars from the Liga BBVA.

Memphis Depay-Liga BBVA Squad Builder (Hybrid) – FUT 15

Memphis Depay: He has the 5* skills which makes him really unique. He is really fast and he is a good dribbler. He has some traits: Avoids Using Weaker Foot, Flair, Long Shot Taker, Selfish, Technical Dribbler.

Giovanni Dos Santos: He looks insane, but in game he  didn’t fulfill my expectations, because he wasn’t on the right place at the right time in most cases. Though, I need to say that he is fast and a good finisher. His traits: Finesse Shot, Injury Prone, Selfish.

Carlos Vela: Fast, feels really strong and he can score goals because of his decent shooting stats.

Giorginio Wijnaldum: This player is one of the best players in the Dutch Eredivisie. He was close to an exit from PSV, because Porto wanted to buy him, but he stayed. He is an allround center attacking forward and he was ways better than I could expect from an 78 rated player.

Kroos: Slow, but an immense shot. He is a really good passer as well and that’s the reason why he got a place in the top 5 short passers.

Semi Khedira: He is okay, but he is really slow. I put him in the squad because of his defensive qualities.

Guardado: Good left back on loan with PSV and  he is okay, but not more than that.

Mascherano: Fast and a really good defender despite of his bad heading.

Mathieu: He is strong, fast and is a really good header. He is one of the best value for money defernders in FUT 15 even though he is already past thirty years old..

De Marcos: Fast right back which can be used to pace along the sideline.

Ter Stegen: Good goalkeeper and has some decent stats. I tried Bravo as well, because of his higher ratings, but in game he was REALLY BAD. I don’t recommand him.


Liga BBVA - PSV Hybrid

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