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Ligue 1 TOTS Predictions

The Ligue 1 is a competition that I personally don’t like as much as the other competitions. In my opinion, only three clubs are fun to watch: PSG, Monaco and Olympique Lyon. Because of the big difference in player qualities in this competition, I assume that EA will try to put as much high quality players like Ibrahimovic in this squad. As we all know, EA prefer us spending money on buying packs over creating Team of the Season squads that are based on player performances. That’s why unknown gold players won’t get the chance to be part of the Ligue 1 TOTS if you ask me.

Ligue 1 TOTS Predictions – FUT 15

First things first: You can check out the whole list of TOTS Predictions and TOTS Release dates (we have already covered an article on that). In the list below, I will explain to you why I consider those players to be in the Ligue 1 Team of the Season.

  • Salvatore Sirigu (Paris St. Germain): He has had a decent season and he kept PSG in the competition at some point. He has always been very useful for all the clubs he has played for and I he is one of the highest overall goalkeepers.
  • David Luiz (Paris St. Germain): Some people like him, some people don’t. I thought that David Luiz wasn’t as good in this year’s FIFA as he was in the last two ones. He performed well on the pitch in real life, so he has deserved a spot in this Ligue 1 TOTS.
  • Thiago Silva (Paris St. Germain): I am 100% sure that he will be part of the Team of the Season, because he did well over the whole season. Secondly, EA loves seeing us spending money on packs.
  • Jordan Amavi (OGC Nice): He is not very wellknown, but he is a decent player with a (more than) decent season.
  • Blaise Matuidi (Paris St. Germain) : This is one of my favourite players in the Ligue 1. Matuidi has everything to become a legend: He has a very athletic, strong body; he is fast and he is good at dribbling and he can even score goals. In addition to that, he is a really good defender either..
  • João Moutinho (AS Monaco): Another player that I have always liked. Especially, when he played in the Liga Portuguesa, I was astonished by his playstyle. He is a really good player that deserves a spot in the TOTS.
  • Lucas (Paris St. Germain): Very fast, athletic midfielder that is frightening for the opponent’s defence.
  • Ezequiel Lavezzi (Paris St. Germain): I think that he isn’t able to play at his highest level anymore. He seems a bit too old to play for a big club like PSG, although he performed decent during this season. I think he might leave the club during this transfer window.
  • Dimitri Payet (Olympique Marseille): He has a lot of fans, because he is one of the players from the Ligue 1 that plays for the national team. He is not as good as Lucas, although he is evolving himself every year.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris St. Germain): For him goes the same as for Thiago Silva. He is one of the most conspicuous and prominent strikers in the world.
  • Alexandre Lacazette (Olympique Lyon): He has had a lot of great inform cards during this season and that’s why I think that he will be in the Ligue 1 TOTS this year.

What do you think? Who deserves a spot in the Ligue 1 Team of the Season?

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  1. Avatar
    Ryan 15th May 2015 at 5:50 am

    I’m sorry but these predictions are terrible. I understand that you don’t watch Ligue 1 and that you think that EA will put in some big name players solely because of the clubs they play for but the majority of Monaco and PSG players you mentioned have played terrible. Lucas has had a very underwhelming season along with Lavezzi. Sirigu has played so poorly this season that PSG are trying to replace him for next season. All I’m saying is that if some of these players do get in, it will be extremely undeserved.

  2. Avatar
    Anonymous 8th June 2015 at 2:15 am

    I agree. If you don’t watch don’t predicted you horrible is tots and Lucas had a injury for half season

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