The Liga BBVA has always been one of the most exciting competitions when it comes to the Team of the Season period. Every single year, people are speculating about whether Messi and Ronaldo and other superstars will get a place in the Team of the Season or not. It is the same ritual every single year.. We all know that EA loves to see us spending a lot of coins on opening packs and  that’s why they decide to put the best players in the TOTS all the time. It is a point of discussion for us who will be part of the Liga BBVA TOTS. Here, you can read my prediction. We have already published a full list of TOTS Predictions and the TOTS Release Dates.

Liga BBVA TOTS Predictions  – FUT 15

  • Sergio Asenjo (Villareal): This goalkeeper has had an amazing season and that’s why he deserved the Goalkeeper spot in the Liga BBVA Team of the Seasons in my opinion. Some people predict that Bravo will get a TOTS card, but I think that he wasn’t as good as Sergio.
  • Marcelo (Real Madrid): Although, he isn’t the best defender, he has played very decent over the whole season. I love his style of playing, because he is always trying to attack.
  • Diego Godín (Atlético Madrid): This player is an absolute tank. In combination with Miranda, he has been one of the most terrifying defenders of this league.
  • Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid): It is too easy to predict that Ramos gets a spot in this team. He has done a great job for Real Madrid (just as he does every year).
  • Dani Alves (FC Barcelona): People are speculating about his future, because he wants to play abroad. He did well this season for FC Barcelona, because of his menace. He is unstoppable and that’s why he is so dangerous.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): I think there’s no need to discuss whether he will be in the TOTS or not. I can even predict that he will be in this squad next year as well.
  • Toni Kroos (Real Madrid): He has assimilated to the style of playing of Real Madrid. He has done that in a great way and that’s why he deserves his spot.
  • James Rodríguez (Real Madrid): Lovely player who is able to score from anywhere on the pitch. He isn’t comparable to the other CM/CAM’s in the competition.
  • Neymar (FC Barcelona): He has had a decent season and he has even scored some goals. He had some struggles at a certain point in the competition, but he has fully recovered.
  • Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): No.1 striker of the competition and he is priceless for Real Madrid.
  • Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona): An amazing player every single year who is even better than Ronaldo (in my opinion). I think that he might get a 99-rated card, because of all the inform cards he has already had during the season.

Who do you think, deserved a place in the Liga BBVA TOTS the most?

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