This is an insane Bundesliga squad! You can probably build this for less than 15k. It of course has 100 chemistry. This team is really fun to play with. Our two strikers have 4 star weak foot each so you can score some pretty sick goals with them. This will definitely make a good starter squad so check it out.

Bundesliga Insane team – FUT 15 squad builder

GK- Reina: This ex Liverpool man doesn’t get much playtime since he is on the same team as Neuer. He is still a pretty decent goalkeeper with 81 diving, 87 kicking and 83 reflexes. He is also over 6ft tall. You can pick him up for less than 1.5k.

CB- Dante: Dante currently plays for Fc Bayern and is a very solid defender. He links up well with our keeper. His best stats are 83 defending and 76 physical. You can buy him for about 1.2k.

CB- Sokratis: This Dortmund defender is one of my favourite  center backs in the whole game. He’s got good pace so he can run upfield quite a bit. Some good stats of his are 84 defending and 82 physical. He is 82 rated but I think he deserves an 83 or 84. He will set you back 1.4k.

LB- Schmelzer: Scmelzer links up well with our CB Sokratis. Like him Schmelzer has decent pace but he also has nice dribbling. You can buy him for 1.5k.

RB- Jung: Jung is the cheapest player on this team but that doesn’t mean he is bad! He is pretty much good in all aspects as all his stats are above 70 except for his shooting. You can pick him up in the market for 500 coins.

CDM- Bender: Bender is from Germany and plays for Dortmund. He links up with Sokratis. My favourite thing about him is his four star weak foot. Pick him up for 1000 coins.

LM- Perisic: Perisic is the cheap beast of this team. This Croatian left mid has 80 pace and 80 shooting. He has 4 star skills and 5 star weak foot. Here’s the best part: you can get this beast for 600 coins!

CAM- Kagawa: He was amazing at Man Utd and he is still amazing at Dortmund. This Cam is fun to play with and is cheap. He also has 4 star weak foot and 4 star skill moves. Only 900 coins for him.

RM- Shaqiri: This guy is the most expensive on the team but he is a beast. I love to take long shots with him. He has 88 pace and 86 dribbling along with 4 star skills and 4 star weak foot. He goes for 2k but is worth every single penny. Buy him before his price rises.

ST- Immobile: Immobile is a tank! He is pacey and he can shoot. He has nice physical and dribbling stats too. He has 4 star weak foot and currently he will only cost you 1000 coins.

ST- Huntelaar: Huntelaar is the highest rated player on this team. This Shalke 04 striker has amazing shooting and nice dribbling. He also has 4 star weak foot. Right now you can snatch him up for about 1.2k.

I hope you enjoyed my Insane Bundesliga team. Make sure to leave your responses down below!

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