Today I am going to share an INSANE 1.3 Million Hybrid squad that I made on FIFA 15. This includes players from the BLP and Liga BBVA so you already know that this team will be sick! This squad is very fun to play with so if you have the coins then I definitely advice you to start making this team as soon as you can. So without further ado, let’s begin this insane squad builder and if you want the Youtube link to the video, then i’ll leave it at the bottom of this post.

 OverPowered 1.3 Million (Best Hybrid) Squad

GK- Courtois: This ex Atlético Madrid legend has been one of the stand out performers in the BPL this season after replacing the former Chelsea number 1 Petr Čech. He is very overpowered on this game as in real life and you can pick his card up on the FUT market for 70,000 coins. Sounds a lot I know but trust me: with 84 diving, 87 handling, and 88 reflexes you are picking up yourself a bargain.

CB- Kompany: This beast currently plays for BPL champions Machester City and is one of the highest rated CB’s in the entire game. He links up well with our keeper as they are both from the English league. His main stats are: 87 defending and 81 physical . If you wish to buy him you can get him on the market for around 55,000 coins.

CB- Ramos: Currently plays for Real Madrid in the Liga BBVA and is the joint-highest rated CB on FIFA 15. If you decide to pick this card up it will cost you a hefty 120,000 coins but with 87 defending and 82 physical, trust me, it’ll be worth it.

RB- Alves: Dani Alves is currently the highest rated RB in the Liga BBVA. He has 86 pace so for all you pace abusers reading this he’ll be perfect for your squad. He also has 83 dribbling so he can control the ball with ease while running down the wings and 76 defending so he can also be a good defender and attacker. His card only costs 27,000 coins so if you buy him now, you’ll be getting yourself a bargain.

LB- Alba: Second highest LB in the Liga BBVA but probably the most overpowerd LB in the entire game. He has 92 pace which is absolutely ridiculous but at the same time, we love it! If you wish to buy his card on the FUT market it will cost you around 10,000 coins.

CM- Iniesta: This Spanish maestro will only cost you 30,000 coins and with it you will get: 89 passing and 91 dribbling. He can easily glide past players and can pick out an impossible through ball when needed. If you have the coins, definitely pick him up.

CM- Modrić: An 87 rated… Croatian?! I know, unbelievable! However with 89 dribbling and 85 passing he is well worth his rating. If you want you can buy him for 29,000 coins and trust me, you should.

CM- Xavi: This guy is basically the cheaper version of Iniesta. You can pick him up for 4,500 coins which is insanely cheap for an 86 rated player! his ratings are as follows: 85 dribbling and 91 passing. So yeah, basically the cheaper version of Iniesta.

LW- Neymar: This is when it starts getting serious guys. We have Neymar! the Barcelona Brazilian beast! You can pick his card up for around 239,000 coins and with that you’ll get: 92 dribbling, 90 pace and 80 shooting. Oh, I almost forgot, He also has 5 Star Skills and 5 Star Weak Foot! I know, incredible!

RW- Bale: Here we have our most expensive player in the team. Gareth Bale! You can buy his card on the market for a “cheap” 510,000 coins! With it, however, you’ll get: 94 pace, 83 shooting, 84 dribbling and 81 physical. Not bad for someone who grew up in Wales, eh? Oh, I almost forgot to mention, his free kicks are absolutely insane so if you ever get a chance to take a free kick with him, do it because 99% of the time you WILL score.

ST- SIF Griezmann: And here we are guys, our final player to conclude this amazing 1.3 million Hybrid; Second InForm Griezmann. This was a debatable one between Benzema and Griezmann but in the end I had to choose Griezmann mainly because he is the better player overall. He has brilliant ball control so he can easily dribble past defenders and get through one-on-one with the goalkeeper. His shooting is out of this world and I definitely would recommend you to get his card. If you’re wondering how much he’s worth… it’s only 190,000 coins.

I hope you have enjoyed this insane 1.3 million Hybrid guys. If you did, please comment below what you enjoyed the most and if you have any constructive feedback then feel free to post them in the comments below.

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