So with Team of the Season being delayed once again, I finally cracked and bought myself a team after a month of saving my coins and using a cheap one.

The one thing I like doing when I build a squad is to pick a few marquee players and hybridise them together, there was one player that I had in mind, that glorious striker Gareth Bale. So I went out and dropped a whopping 2 million coins on the lad, praying that he would be a god, and boy did my dreams come true, but we’ll get into that later.

After picking up the bale, I then realized I had an upgraded Aguero that I hadn’t been able to sell for quite some time, and considering I class him as one of the best strikers in the game, I switched to a 2 striker formation in the 4312 and starting filling the squad.

First I got the chemistry for Aguero on the left and Bale on the right in the Welsh god in Aaron Ramsey, I was questioning it at first as I have only ever played him in a CM or CDM role but I went ahead with it anyway.

Then as my CMs I got Toure (to get a strong link with Aguero), Ozil (to finish off the Ramsey chemistry and link with the backline) and SIF Isco (To get chemistry with the main man Bale) who I regard as one of the best midfielders in the game.

Then I finished with my backline, Clichy LB who for me is the best left back in the game, Boateng at LCB who is one of the best Center Backs in the game according to me. Then for my right center back I went with something a little different in Inform Mustafi who I’ve wanted to use for quite some time, Carvajal finished off the defense and then I had a cheeky little Neuer in goal!

So already just looking at the team I was expecting it to play well, and boy was that an understatement with me winning my first game 9-2, so many goals were scored from this team it was ridiculous, the pairing of Aguero and bale was sensational both averaging a hatrick a game and more than an assist a game.

One question you’re probably asking yourself is – Is IF Bale better than his normal card? And for me he is, as the normal bale plays so wide I could never get used to him, now that he’s central it is so easy to abuse his pace especially when you have him next too someone like Aguero who feed off of each other perfectly.

The rest of the team played really well also, it was a little top heavy which I expected from Isco and Ozil but that was countered by Toure and Ramsey as they would track back a lot, although the defense was amazing and I will be using it again for sure!

So to wrap things up I’d have to say this is one of the best teams I have used all year, and it will be sad to let it go!

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