Nowadays, there are so many coin traders on the internet, so it is hard to choose one. That’s why we decided to review all the coin traders we have used (so far). Most of these coin traders are very popular and (of course) reliable. In my first FIFA Coins Review, I will tell you a bit more about Goldah.

Goldah FIFA Coins

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Pricing: Goldah has very good prices compared to other coin selling companies. Their prices are the biggest plus in my opinion. During holidays or events, they have huge sales and that’s why you need to check their prices daily if you want to buy coins as cheap as possible. I have bought 1 million coins a while ago for less then three dollars. That’s why I love this company.

Stock: I have never seen that their stock was sold out. Sometimes, they have a few stock, but most of the time they have enough stock. You do not need to worry about that.

Live Chat: I have used their live chat during the period of the new price ranging system. I couldn’t reach them via the live chat and I received a messsage that they had ‘a crazy bust’ and that they would approach me via E-mail. They have reneged that promise.

Mail Reactions: I have sent them an email message to check how fast they replied. It was insane: within ten minutes, I got the response. This was very good and I was impressed by their fast mailing service.

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