EA announced a new feature for FIFA Ultimate Team, called ‘Price Ranges’. In this article we will explain everything about it and we will give you some tips for the upcoming future!

FUT: Price Ranges

Price Ranges will be a new feature in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. It is based on the price for players and you will not have the opportunity to sell a player for a price outside his range. For example: Messi has a range from 5 to 7.5 million. You can’t sell him for 8 million, so you won’t have the opportunity to make a great profit on him. You’ll need to set a Buy Now price in the Price Range if you want to sell the player.

The main reasons EA did this are:

  • Help FUT gamers understand the value of the players in their Club.
  • Make high-rated players more attainable for all FUT gamers and ensure a level playing field.
  • Further restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the Transfer Market.

Especially the last point is an important one, because this new feature will prevent the game of Coin Sellers. Coin Sellers, like Goldah, let you list a player for the amount of coins you’ve bought. You will always put a cheap, bronze player on the market, because they have a low worth. Due to this feature, you can’t put this player on the market for a high amount of money.

Some notes about this feature:

  • All Price Ranges will be universal across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.
  • When you list an item on the Transfer Market, the range at which an item can be sold will appear. These price ranges will be set by the FIFA Team based on analysis of past Transfer Market prices.
  • Open bid transfers will be unavailable after Price Ranges have been activated. In order to list an item on the Transfer Market, you will have to set a “Buy It Now” price within the Price Range.
  • The Price Range for each FUT item will be set wide enough for you to still enjoy trading on the Transfer Market.
  • The Price Range for certain players may be adjusted in the future as we work to improve this feature over time.
  • New ‘in-form’ FUT player items will receive a Price Range upon release.

Recommendation: Buy an enormous amount of coins, because soon it won’t be as easy and cheap as now! Check this page for the best coin sellers!

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