Finally EA has released some more info regarding the new FUT 17 were two new modes are add.  One of those new modes is the FUT 17 Squad building challenges. In short terms Squad building challenges are a new way of using players you would normally discard. Read below the full explanation.

FUT 17 Squad building challenges

The FUT 17 Squad building challenges are new way to earn rewards in FIFA 17. The challenges are split in three categories which will be updated throughout the year. Basic, Advanced and Leagues.

Select A Challenge

There are groups of challenges, each containing multiple challenges. For example an BPL set that will comprise of multiple BPL challenges.  League and nation hybrid set, will be again comprised of multiple challenges. With individual challenges packs and coins can be earned while completing groups will bring even bigger rewards like unique player items.

The challenges are like an to do list. For example an curtain minimal chemistry or squad rating, or only using 2 nationalities, certain number of players from one particular league. Also some of the challenges will be timed.

New FUT Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 17

The idea behind the creations of the challenges is to make use of players that you would perhaps normally discard or leave in your club in case you find a reason to which in most case never appears. Now you’ll be able to use those players in challenges to earn packs and prestige items.

Important note you will need to remember is when you submit your squad you’ll sacrifice those players. The players will be removed from your club, so don’t use the players you are plaining to use in your FUT playing team!

Next to your unused players from the club, EA offers and option to buy players from the transfer market from inside the mode. Those players can then be added directly to the squad , naturally this will cost you coins.

Challenges will also be available to play via the companion app so you can earn coins and packs on the go.

With releasing of this new info it’s clear that new unique cards types are coming to FIFA 17. Have a look at the new card design.

FIFA 17 Unique Rewards cards

Check out the trailer of the FUT 17 Squad building challenges:

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