Fifa 16 Preview Demo !

Hi everyone ! Today is the day that many of us have been waiting for ! No it’s not the official release of the FIFA 16 but it is the first open FIFA 16 Demo . Demo is currently available on XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 . PS4,PS3 and PC (origin) Demo will be available later on today.

What does FIFA 16 Demo has to offer ? FUT Draft ,FIFA Trainer , Gameplay Innovations , Presentation , Women’s National Teams and the New Stadiums.

Starting with FUT Draft, you can read all about it in our article here.

Take look at our first look at FUT 16 Draft:

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Then the Trainer which is part of FIFA games for quite some time now but according to EA the trainer has some new futures to offer. EA says that the new trainer will make you a better player no matter if you are an beginner or an veteran player. New in the Trainers is the optional graphical overlay that helps you identify the current game situation.To be honest we have been playing with it very shortly and we had the feeling that it was more in the way than helping. But feel free to check it out and see if it helps you improve your game.

FIFA16 preview | FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Gameplay Innovations

With this we can be strait forward and say that the game still feels the same as FIFA 15. Yes some of the moves have changed , animations like falling and sliding are different. Also the AI seems to be improved as it’s a lot more difficult now to go around the keeper than in FIFA 15 and the defenders seems to respond better.

Other small things like when you do a slide you player gets up a lot faster than before. But so far we have not seen any major change in the new FIFA 16 it is in fact the polished up version of previous year.

We are testing this on XBOX 360 so it’s hard to comment on the graphics and other limitation of the hardware we will look in to this on the final release once it is available on the PC.


EA has update their presentation of the game with more info and more personalization of the menu. But more importantly ton of new realistically scanned players are added to the game.

Watch here the official video of EA regarding this changes:

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Women’s National Teams and the New Stadiums.

We have not gone through the Woman’s national teams as we have the feel that this part is added to the game just for marketing purposes but on the other side we are quite sure that there are many female players around the world who will be happy with this addition.

New Stadiums

In FIFA 16 there are 9 new stadiums. 3 of them are really great and generate a feeling that you are really playing an important match. Although stadiums are more personal preference the 3 stadiums which couth our attention are BORUSSIA-PARK stadium, CenturyLink Field stadium and our favorite addition Stade Vélodrome stadium.


This is so far our preview the official release is planned for 22th of September so stay tuned for the full review. Please feel free to leave a comment what you think of the new FIFA.


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