Most of us who play FIFA 16 or FIFA 15 are looking for a easy way  of getting Fifa ultimate team coins so we thought it might be a good to explain more about them and how you can get them. By simply playing the game, trading or buying ?.  Also more on safety when it comes to buy the coins through coins sellers .

Fifa ultimate team coins:

The Fifa ultimate team coins what is the fuzz about was my question when I first started playing FUT . Although than there were no players rakings in place so selling and buy players was easier and you could easily ear more coins than nowadays.

Currently there are 3 ways of getting coins. First is a simple one by playing games which is immediately the most slow way. If you are good in the game and score a lot, don’t make too much fouls you will get around 600 coins per match. You can also buy in game coins multiplayers with the in game XP, so you can then generate some additional coins per game. Best case scenario you will get around 800 coins per match. In the beginning around 2000 coins for getting promoted.

So before you can buy a golden pack which is at least 5k you would have to play some games. In the mean time you will probably spend coins on fitness and contracts. Well you get the picture its hours of playing to get a pack open, let alone build a Gold rare team.

What is left is trading and buying coins. Trading is acutely free and one of the best ways of making lots of coins if you are good at it. Still it will cost you a lot of time but it is also fun if you are a trader. There are several trade methods’ on which we already wrote so if you are interested have a look here.

Simple advise I can give you is take you time to get familiar with the market and the prices. Read our advice on trading methods and check which works best for you.

In my opinion the most convenient way of getting coins is buy them. There are multiple ways of buy fifa ultimate team coins. Most simple and expansive are the in game EA coins which then can converted to FUT coins. Second is a voucher/gift card which can be bought through online game sellers and other retailers which can also be converted to fifa ultimate team coins. Those are also official EA coins so hell expansive.

Last way of getting fifa ultimate team coins is by buy them through the online coins sellers. Most of you like me in the beginning will ask how safe is that ?

If you google you will find literally thousands websites offering fifa ultimate team coins, one cheaper than other. The sites use familiar extensions like .com , , .eu , .de , .fr , etc… But also other more exotic and freighting extensions which immediately will raze the suspicion if it is safe to use your cc or paypal to get your coins through them. Well definitely not all the sites are safe nor are their working methods. Site offering free coins with sort of hacking programs I can only advice to avoid.

My tip here is to look for reviews of the site you think you would use to buy you coins. Now I do not want to be too much commercial in this article but on our site we linke to some of those coins sellers for which we know are safe to use. Also we have added a option so that readers who did buy coins through them can write a reviews. You can find the reviews of all those coins sellers from the product list in right sidebar or below is you are using a mobile.

Once you figured out were its safe to buy the coins second question arise how safe is it from getting banned from EA. Well this one is difficult to answer but the fact remains that it is never 100 % safe to buy coins. Now that should not scared you immediately as I can assure you that there are millions players around the world wo are buying coins through coins sellers this also the reason way it is so hard for EA to detect.

Most coin seller offer serval methods to buy coins. Two most know are Players Auction and Comfort trade.

The most safe option is currently Players Auction. Players Auction is quite strait forward you sell your player to the coins sellers for the Buy now price. Note that this also cost you also FUT coins . For example if you like to buy 10K Fifa ultimate team coins you need to have a player for which you can set the BIN value to 10K. You need to set a unique starting price and fill in you players name, consol , player rating , start price and buy now price at the coins seller site. Pay of course and your players will be bought within 30 min.

For above method you don’t need to give your EA account details what so ever. So if you are buying coins for the first time I can advise to use this method. In general this is the only method were the chance of being band is limited. Also limit the amount the coins you buy as to much cheap players soled for 10K will eventually show up in EA system.

Second method I mentioned was the Comfort Trade with this method you can instantly get 50K + FUT coins. Very big note for this you need to give your account details so be very careful on which site you do this. Some site use robots so there is a bigger chance of being band. Still there are site like our TOTW sponsor FifaCoinsCake who use manual delivery which means they will log in manually to your account to deliver the coins. Deliver time of this method is about 1 hour . Remember do not login during this period as it can get you band.

One more advice on Comfort Trade use this method only if you don’t have expensive players and too much coins on your account. Most popular coins sellers are safe and will not temper with your account but you never know once some logs in to your account they can easy empty it so be careful.

Conclusion to this is sure you can buy coins but keep it limited and do some research before you buy.

If you buy coins trough one of our partners pleas leave a review of you experience this will others and us to only use safe coins sellers.

I hope this helps some of you who are doubting of buying coins.


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