FIFA Tax Calculator above is our tool for calculating easy and fast the EA Tax! The Fifa tax calculator is easy tool which is created to help you avoid losing coins. The tool works strait forward but just in cease we have made a short instructions how the Ea tax calculator works.

FIFA Tax Calculator how does it work?

FIFA Tax Calculator works very strait forward. It also shows the amount of coins you will get. This is how to use the Fifa tax calculator:

  1. Enter the amount of coins you like to get for selling your FUT item
  2. The fifa tax calculator shows the following two things
    • The 5% – EA Tax
    • The amount of coins for which you want to sell your player, item to earn the inserted amount

On our ‘EA Tax‘ page there is full explanation on the EA Tax and why this FIFA Tax Calculator is a must-have. To illustrate how EA tax works check below.

Neymar is sold on the market for 600.000 coins. The buyer will pay on the market 600.000 coins. But, you the seller will only get 570.000 coins. Way? The reason is simple EA charges seller 5% tax or sales commission! Therefor it is important to always add 5% above the selling amount to compensate for the tax.

We think that the EA Tax calculator is a handy tool for everyone who uses the Transfer Market in FIFA 18  Ultimate Team so if you don’t want to calculate just save this page as favourite and use our calculator! The calculator works for all the FIFA versions.

If you want us to improve the tool, or give us your idea on new FIFA tools drop us an message in the below comments or via social media: Facebook, Twitter or Google+

fifa tax calculator

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