Like the last year we are this first to bring the full list of the new FIFA 18 Inform Items. FIFA 18 card colours have received an update with a new and modern design. Also there are tons of new cards introduce to the game. We can expect many surpasses from EA this year as many of the cares we found in the FIFA database are still unexplained. Check them all out below.

FIFA 18 Inform Items Explained:

Player cards in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team are found in your beginning team, Packs, or bought and sold through the Transfer Market. Note that at the moment of posting the game is not officially released therefor there is no official explanation for all the cards.(Cards are official and property of EA sport). The card designs are Official EA design and come from their database.

We are kicking off with regular and most know card:

Regular Players’ Cards (Gold,Silver,Bronz)



Regular cards in FUT 18 are the most basic and at the beginning of the game almost every player has one. Only the one to watch players are different but read more on that later below. During the season players can change the cards features such as the preferred position and preferred chemistry style. Note that this card remain regular and the changes made are not permanent. The first cards you get when in the FUT 18 starting pack have 45 contracts all other new bought cards come with 99 fitness and 7 contracts.


Rare Cards (Gold,Silver,Bronz)


Rare cards in FUT 18 are created for players with an unique traits. For example the rare cards are assigned to players that are fastest in the league or tallest in the league. Even the only player from a particular county in a particular league gets a rare card. Although this players have something unique it does not mean that a they are better than the players with regular card. As being tallest in the league will not make you the best heading player in the league. Therefore remember that when you are building a beginning team Rare Cards are more expansive. It is therefore wise to look for the regular card of the same level. In fact we recommend selling rare cards in the beginning to get more higher level basic cards. Of course this does not apply for the rare cards.


In Form Players’ Cards

During the year every weak EA releases this list of players who according to them had great performance. This are the In Form Cards. This changes the players attributes. The change is permeant when you buy those unique cards.

IF Cards can be grouped into the following subcategories: Team of the Week (TOTW), Team of the Year (TOTY), Team of the Season (TOTS), Man of the Match (MOTM), International Man of the Match (iMOTM), Heroes, Record Breaker, FUTTIES, FUTTIES Winners, Squad Building Challenge ,Pro Players, Champions, Halloween, FutMas, Award winners, Ones to watch, Icons and many more to come in FIFA 18.

IF Cards are the most valuable cards of FUT 18 so if you have the coins this are the cards to look for. You can get this card by opening packs when this special cards are released.

Team of the Week Cards(TOTW)(Gold,Silver,Bronz/Black)

FIFA 18 TOTW cards

Team of the week cards are most common among the special cards. Every Wednesday EA selects twenty-three players based on their exponential real-world performances in the previous week and joins them in a single team(TOTW). In FUT 8 you can play against them in TOTW Challenge.  The corresponding players normal cards are changed during that week to a new Bronze/Silver/Gold-Black card which you can get from the packs. Of course you can buy them all year round sold by other players who got them from the packs. Chance of drawing TOTW card during the week are exactly the same of pulling the regular card of that player in another week. TOTW cards are boosted in couple points and a player could be multiple times part of TOTW with different boost levels.


FUT Champions (Bronze/Silver/Gold-Red)

FIFA 18 Champions cards

As well introduce last year are the FUT Champions. In FUT Champions players can compete in weekly events from local to global. Read more on the events here. In this event you can win rewords in form of Fut Champions cards. Boost of this cards depends on your own performance. These cards can’t be found in the packs you can only earn them in the Champions events.




Team of the Season Cards (Bronze/Silver/Gold-Blue)

FIFA 18 TOTS cards

Team of the season cards are created in May and June based on the real-world season performance. Unlike TOTY which is one team. TOTS cards are released per league or region with in total of 14 teams. Besides these ones, a All-Star MLS is also released in early August. All of the corresponding player cards are change in to Blue and made available in the week pack. TOTS cards are boosted very well between 4 to 6 points. It is possible that the players position on this cards is different if the player played well on a different position during the season than his regular .


One to watch (OTW)Black)

FIFA 18 One to watch card

Introduce in FIFA 17 the once to watch continue in FIFA 18. This are cards of which the rating changes depending on the players real world performance. This players still though can get other IF cards.

To explain OTW cards we have an example. If you got a standard Neymar card at the start of season, his rating is 92. As PGS and Neymar play great he will receive TOTW cards, Futties nomination cards, TOTS card and other higher rating cards. Still all those cards will be separately released but the original 92 card remains unchanged.

But special ‘One to Watch’ card will be updated regularly depending on how well a player performs that season in real life.

Cool thing about this is that the rating on the card are variable. One week this card can have rating of 96 while when a player has a bad week 88. This card bring for sure new dimension to the FUT definitely for players who like to trade. As every week the value of One to Watch cared could be different.



Squad Building Challenge(Blue-Purple)

FIFA 18 Premium Squad build challenges

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges card


Squad build challenges continue as well. In this event players will have to create specific squads to earn points an rewords. Read more on the events here. Also for this event new card type is created which can be won during this events. Ratings of those cards may vary depending on the challenge.

There is a new card added to the database its the first in line and is called Premium Squad build challenges.More info will flow once available.





FUTTIES (Pink/Gold)

FIFA 18 Futties card

FIFA 18 futties gold card

FUTTIES have two versions of the card one is the non – gold which is given to the 44 nominees and the Gold version for the 11 FUTTIES Winners. This looks unchanged form FIFA 17.

This cards are created based on in-forms choice of the FIFA community. The 11 players with most votes, for each one of the award categories, get one of these gold cards. FUTTIES Winner are cards with improved stats packed during a week, just like TOTW cards. They are released only once, almost in the end of the season. Normal no gold version will also be available in the game during the votes but the sats of the cards are not boosted.





Team of the Year Cards(TOTY )(Blue-Gold Card)

FIFA 18 TOTY card


The name speaks for itself , once a year in January, EA selects a team based on their half year performance. The team is selected from the FIFPro voting, the WWPFA and announced in the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala. This are the best players in the world. Like with the TOTW the regular player cards are changed but this time in to Blue also this cards become available in the weeks packs. Cards are available for two days for each position and a final day with all players together. Again chance of drawing TOTY card during the week of the year are exactly the same of pulling the regular card. This cards receive amazing boost of stats so they are among most wanted cards.






Man of the Match Cards (Orange)

FIFA 18 MOTM card


MOTM cards recived an desige update as well. This cards are assigned to the players of a non-leagues matches. Card become available for 24 hours starting at midnight (UK time). Again regular cards of the particular players are replace for the MOTM Orange Cards. The ratings are boosted with 1 or 2 points and like in TOTS the position of the player can be different than normally if he played on a different position during his MOTM.






International Man of the Match Card

FIFA 18 iMOTM card


This is one of the cards that has not been updated design wise so far. The international matches iMOTM cards is given to the players who perform the best during international matches. iMOTM cards will be available for 24 hours and will replace the regular corresponding cards. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in that match, they played really well in a different position.






Continental Man of the Match

FIFA 18 Continental Man of the Match card


Continental man of the match card. It’s part of the MOTM orang cards group so the stats boost are the same. This goes for the availability as well. The card is only available 24h in the packs. Obviously this card is issued for the continental award winners.







Heroes Card( Purple)

FIFA 18 Heroes Card

The Heroes cards are created to reward individual honors.Honers like an heroic contribution during an important match such as a league derby, winning promotion to a higher league, or saving his club from relegation. Also winning a award for best player and best young player grant a honor of an heroes card.

These purple cards are available in packs for only 24 hours. During this period, the Heroes cards replace the corresponding regular cards.

The ratings and attributes of purple cards are usually boosted in one or two points. Compared with their last TOTW / MOTM card or, if it doesn’t exist, their regular card. However, they are always worse than TOTS and TOTY cards. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in that match, they played really well in a different position.





Awrad Winner

FIFA 18 Awrad Winner card


New version of the Award Winner. The effect of the boost are the same as hero. Also availability of 24 hours is the same.







Icons (Gold-Blue)

FIFA 18 Icons card


With FIFA 18 also the new legends or now called Icons have been introduced. This cards replace the old legends cards and are now available on all the platforms. The cards are for retired greatest players of all time. This cards are amazing and new as well are different version of the cards depending on the career period of the player.







FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream halloween Cards

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream halloween Cards


During the Halloween period EA has introduced in FIFA 18 a updated version of the ultimate scream card. These cards are released in a single FUT squad of 23 players with upgraded ratings as unique items. However, these boosts are temporary. As after the Halloween their ratings will revert back to match their initially released upgrade.






Pro Players Cards(Cayan)

FIFA 18 Pro Players Cards


The Pro Players card which are assigned by EA to real professional football players. You can say that they are created for PR reasons and the cards are not sold and you won’t find them in a package. If you see some with this Cyan card the you are probably playing against a real pro. Note that this cards have assured ratings of about 95 with minimal of 88.






FIFA 18 Movember Cards

FIFA 18 movember card

Design wise Movember card seems to be unchanged compare to FIFA 17. Still there is plenty of time and we expect to see as well and new version once the release period is near. The Movember card is introduced by EA to promote the Movemver event. These cards become available in packs for a full month. During this period, the FIFA 18 Movember cards replace the corresponding regular not coloured cards. The overall ratings of these players cards are boosted up to one point, compared with their regular cards or the last IF card. The only attribute that is boosted in the Movember cards is the physical and always with 5 extra points.







FIFA 18 St Patricks Cards

FIFA 18 St patricks card

This is the new version of the ST Patricks card introduced with FIFA 18.The St Patricks green cards are awarded to a selection of the best Irish players to celebrate the St Patricks Day.The only difference between the St Patricks cards and their respective original NIF cards is the colour. There is no boost in the stats or in the attributes. During the period of the promotion, usually five days in mid March, a selection of player’s cards pulled from packs are released on green instead of their normal colours gold, silver and bronze.

You regular card of the St Patricks players will remain unchanged if you wat the green versions you need to do some pack openings or buy it on the market.







FIFA 18 FUTmas card


Although this it is not confirmed this card looks to be the design FUTMas card for FIFA 18. It’s an returning event during the Christmas period. During this period you can win players in in all kinds of events.


FIFA 18 Europe MOTM

More info will flow once available.

FIFA 18 card colours

This is when the fun starts with the new FIFA 18. There are many amazing cards that will be introduce during the year of which we do not know the purposes so far. So if you think you know please post your comment below.

This two look like the Group stage cards that will be released for the World Championship in Russia 2018.









Could this be the new award winners card? Who know…








Amazing looking card but unknow for which event this will be introduced. It is coming in FIFA 18 that is for sure.









Really funny looking card. Cayan suggest something for the pro players. Maybe for their birthday?









This one looks extreme and no way near old card designs.






This one could be the Fut birthday card? But there are two versions so its something ells…








Anyway guys this are all the careds that are avaialbe in the game so fare. Note the uknow cards are not Conept cards this are cards that are stored in EA database so this cares are coming to the game. Curtently we simply don’t know for which event they will apply.

We will update this page once more details are revealed by EA. You can compare the cards with FIFA 17 IF items here.

Let us know what you think about the FIFA 18 Inform Items explanation and if you need more in depth info on the subject in the comments below. And do not don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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