With the arrival of the new game it is time to take a look at the FIFA 18 best headers. To rate the best headers FIFA 18 we are combining heading accuracy, highest jumping and strength. The selected players are not only attacking players we will make a different top 5 for them as well.

FIFA 18 Best Headers

This list contains non-inform and no Icon’s selection. It was about but OTW is included of some players.

  1. Aduriz – ST : Last year the number one spot was for Ronaldo but this year Aduriz is taking the prize as the best header in the game. The guy is quite affordable so definitely interesting player for your team. His heading accuracy is now 94, Jumping 94 and strength at 83. Not to forget positioning and finishing with well above 80 which make him ideal heading striker as well.
  2. Morata – ST : If you are building a Premier league team than this is the guy you would want to have if you like to score with the head. His combinations of Heading 96, Jumping 82 and Strength of 85 make him an ideal header. Combination is just below Adruriz and this is on his OTW version at the moment the chance is that if you can get this cared he could reach higher level during the year.
  3. Sergio Ramos – CB: Funny about this is that Sergio has not moved from this spot comapre to last year. Ramos brings nice package on the pitch with 91 Headers accuracy, 93 Jumping and 81 strength. If you are building a Spanish team then this is one of the becks you would want to have. Great defender as well in the air but also an great attacker in the air. Dow side is going to be the price that is for sure.
  4. Diego Godin – CB: Moved from spot 5 in FIFA 17 to spot 4 in FIFA 18. His OVR is the same as last year but you can expect many IF versions looking back at last year. Let’s have a look at his new ratings. Staring with heading accuracy of 92, jumping of 89 and strength of 80 make Godin amazing header in the game.  Godin is still relatively cheap so he is great CB with amazing air defense and offence.
  5. Andy Carroll – ST : New to our top 5 FIFA 18 best headers is Carroll. The guy is by the way a beast as well so he could be multi-purpose for you. Let’s start whit his crazy high Strength of 93 then Heading Accuracy of 91 to finish with Jumping of 84. So let’s there be no doubts this guys will score with the head for sure. His beast rating will help as well to win the aerial battel. Although he is at the bottom of this list he is definitely a player we can recommend to get.

Best headers FIFA 18

If you don’t care about the price then there are two guys we did not mentioned in the TOP 5 best headers who belong actually on top. The two Icons Kluivert and Gullit. Off course we are talking about the best versions of this two Dutchman. O no need to talk about specs here this two guys have crazy overall ratings of 91 and 93 with headers ratings of well above 90. Again looking at the price this guys are not for everyone.

FIFA 18 Best Headers

At the moment of writing there are also two additional interesting options this are TOTW players who we normally do not select for the top 5. The thing is that this two guys belong in the top 5 with the TOTW version and could be seen as alternative. This are Simone Zaza and Falcao.

Anyway guys please tell us  what you think about our list of the best headers in FIFA 18 ? Please let us know in the comment if you feel that we are missing a player that belongs on this FIFA 18 best headers list. Also do not don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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