FIFA 17 Top 5 RF/RW/RM Players / Best right wingers in FIFA 17

With the arrival of FIFA 17 it is time for our TOP 5 series to receive an update. Best right wingers in FIFA 17 are still top players in the world. With FIFA 17 being a bit slower than FIFA 16 right wingers have become more important than ever. So which right winger do you need to outpace or pass the defenders and score goals from outside the box?

FIFA 17 Top 5 RF/RW/RM Players / Best right wingers in FIFA 17 – FUT 17

1.Lionel Messi – RWMessi is in general the ultimate player in FIFA 17, but he is also the right winger of FC Barcelona. With overall rating of 93, dribbling of 96, and Shooting of 90 make Messi is the best winger. He can be used to dribble from the right towards the box and shoot on goal with ease. His pace is 89 which is downgraded compare to FIFA 16 but is still more than enough to outpace any defender in the game. Down side to Messi remains his price which is starting at minimal 140K coins. He is also the most wanted player out there.

2.Gareth Bale – RMBale was last year our number 3 but in FUT 17 his ratings got bumped. Not without reason as last year he earned 7 different IF cards. He is an amazing player with extreme raw speed. Bale scores on pace 94, beating Messi and Robben. He is insane, and with his dribble bumped to 86 it should be more than enough to pass the defenders. Honestly when it comes to the RM position he is real close to be our first choice. But Messi well remains Messi….Anyway best use of Bale is the advantage of his high PAC than cross the ball in to the box to feed your ST.

3.Arjen Robben – RMRobben was quite some time one of our favourites but last season he simply did not play. In FIFA 17 he got really downgraded with OVR going from 90 to 87 and pace from 92 to 86. In our opinion this not deserved. Still Robben is a great RM to buy in the game. In fact with his rating downgraded his price is now quite affordable. Robben is in this list best bang for buck if you ask us. His dribble is not as good as Messi but 90 is not bad at all.

4.Ángel Di María – RW :Di María is new in our Top 5 best right wingers. He played a great season last year and for that EA boosted his overall stats with +1 to 87. This guys is amazing and a great option for an hybrid team. Pace and Dribbling are at 87 while his Crossing of 90 gives you a great opportunity to cross the ball in to the box. Only concern is his Physicality of 70 but the other good traits should make up for it. Do remember to avoid physical contact with him as this will put you on the losing side.  What makes Ángel great is his value for money. Minimum price is set at 17K.

5.Willian Borges Da Silva – RM : Last but not least is Willian. He received 3 points upgrade compare to FUT 16 and with that hit directly our top 5. His Passing received a huge boost to 80. Also his dribbling got an update to 86 make him a lot more balanced player than in the previous game. His pace of 89 stayed unchanged but it should be more than enough to outrun the defenders. With starting price of 7K he is a very cheap and great reinforcement for your right wing.

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