What do we want in FIFA 16? Which aspects of the game should be better in FIFA 16 compared to the previous FIFAs? Here, I will share my FIFA 16 wishlist! Feel free to share your wishlist in the comments below!

What do we want in FIFA 16?

Every single year, FIFA isn’t able to deal with the huge amount of players who want to play the game when it is just released. The EA Servers aren’t good enough every single year. That causes problems which are really annoying like disconnections, not being able to login to your FUT account or even worse: no connection with the EA Servers at all.. Finding a cure for the bad servers is the No.1 priority for FIFA 16 in my opinion!

Another thing I really hate, is the new price ranging system which has destroyed the transfer market. People aren’t able to trade in ways they did like and some players can’t be sold even for the lowest BIN. EA has gone too far by adding this system which ruined the market. In my opinion, they should get rid of the current price ranging system and replace it for the old (and sweet) open market (without fixed prices). This would be a lot more attractive for FIFA players who liked trading.

I can still remember my favourite FIFA game: FIFA 14! In that game, it was really fun to use skill moves, because they were so effective. In FIFA 15, EA decided to make the game more ‘realistic’ and as a result, it became really though for skillers to get past defenders by using skill moves. In my opinion, EA should make the game more fun instead of more realistic. Players should be able to use really cool skill moves which are both, effective and spectacular. This would make the game more fun and that’s in my opinion the most important aspect of every game.

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