EA released today more info on the new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Transfer Market ,Web and Companion Apps. We have sum up the change for you.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Transfer Market, Web and Companion Apps

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team season start is just around the corner and EA shared today news on Webstart and  the changes they made which will make your FUT 16 experience fair, fun, and more “secure”.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Transfer Market,  Web and Companion Apps

What is Webstart and how does it work:
Webstart is the pre-season for FIFA Ultimate Team it gives all current FUT 15 returning and verified players a chance to start their FUT 16 season early on the FUT web and companion apps. Current players can claim any returning user packs and begin trading to build their squads for FUT 16. Webstart will be accessible form 17th of September. All user with an active FUT 15 account can access the web and companion apps.

If you are not returning FUT 15 payer you would first need to play FIFA 16 on your PC or console so that EA can verify that you are not a bot and will than grant you access after couple days to the web and companion apps.

EA promises that the web and companion apps are back for good as long as the FUT economy stays healthy which always remains the question due to coin mining.

In FUT 16 the price ranges will be considerably wider at launch than in FUT 15. EA aims to keep them as wide as possible but will still try to protect the market from coin selling . EA will move the prices to keep the economy in FUT 16 healthy and to make high value players attainable for everyone.

In order to make it even more difficult for the coin miners EA has decided to split the FUT economies meaning that all the consoles will have their own transfer market. As motion above it is possible to move one time your coins from FUT 15 to FUT 16 on the same console or across the console generations. Buy splitting the FUT economies every console will have its own set of price ranges which will be adjusted regularly.

To prevent coin-glitching like in FIFA 15 EA will introduce new security features to prevent illegal coin generation. Further details were not revealed to prevent compromises.

So big changes compare to FUT 15 and we can all be glade that the trading is back. In the beginning at least there won’t be coning mining so if you want to build up a good squad our advice is buy the coins now in FUT 15 play till the FUT 16 season start and then move your coins to FUT 16.

Tell us what you think of the this changes in the comments below .

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