Recently we receive some emails form our readers that they are looking for FIFA 16 trading methods tips like we have written for FUT 15 . Although FIFA 16 trading methods are not different from FIFA15 we decided to write a new basics guide for the beginners of FUT 16.

FIFA 16 Trading Methods Basics:

The Basics :

Trade is simple, look for the cheap shiny silver player and in the last 10 mints bid on them you will often have the chance to get them low . The choice is then to keep them or sell them immediately for a higher price.

The challenge of finding a good player for the right price is actually taking the time to go through the market and know how much a player is going for. Once you know the market it’s a lot easier to trade and bid on the players. So take your time and see which players are most wanted, look for them and bid low.

BIN, Remember to always bid on player below the lowest BIN. So always check first the lowest BIN and then bid lower on that player ! Otherwise its pointless to bid as you can use BIN and get the player immediately.

Sell Price is the realistic price that a card will sell for, so if you want to sell you player you need to list you cards around the lowest BIN of that card to sell you players easily. If you price is to high compare to lowest BIN then no one will buy it so depending on the players value for example a 5K player you can add couple hundred coins.


Good thing to remember when selling players is that EA has a tax of 5%. So when you sell a player you will lose 5 % of your total soled amount. You can use our EA tax calculator to easy calculate the amount you want to ask for without loosing coins.

Other ways of making coins :

Most simple way of making coins is to play games no matter if you lose or win you will get coins. But to urn more coins the best way is to use Catalogue boosters.

This is the list of FIFA 16 Catalogue coin boosters:

2 500 FC C 200×5
5 500 FC C 200×5
8 750 FC C 200×10
10 750 FC C 200×10
12 1,250 FC C 200×15
16 1,250 FC C 200×15
18 2,000 FC C 1000×5
20 2,000 FC C 1000×5
22 3,500 FC C 1000×10
25 3,500 FC C 1000×10
30 3,500 FC C 1000×10
35 4,500 FC C 1000×15
40 4,500 FC C 1000×15

You can also make additional coins by winning tournaments.

The last two options of getting coins are more simple. Easiest way of getting non trading coins is by buy them with EA FIFA points. Unfortunately FIFA points are currently really expansive so it will cost you a lot of money if you want to create a good team.

Final option of getting coins without trading is by buy them through coins traders note that this can get you band from FIFA but in general it safe and a lot cheaper than EA points. You can take a look at our list of safe coin selling partners.

More advance trading methods:

We wrote on more advance trading methods for FUT 15 but they are still applicable for FUT 16 as well.

Player Position Change Trading Method

Trading Method Mass Bidding

Price Fix

Bronze Pack Trading Method

Trading With Chemistry Styles

59th Minute Trading Method

Let us know what you think about the FIFA 16 Trading Methods in the below comments. Your trading tips are welcome as well.

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