A good goalkeeper is hard to find but is an essential player of the team. Remember that like a good attacker a good goalkeeper can make a difference in a hard game. In FIFA 16 EA seems to have improve the AI of the keepers so it is important to choose the right one. We have made a list of the  FIFA 16 top 5 goalkeepers in the game.

FIFA 16 Top 5 Goalkeepers


  1. FIFA 16 Top 5 GoalkeepersManuel Neuer – FC Bayern München (Germany)

Still undefeated number one like in our FIFA 15 top 5. Manuel is the best keeper you can get in FIFA 16 with overall score of 90 ! Next best is several points behind so playing with him you can be curtain that you will receive less goals against you. In FIFA 15 he was by fare most expansive goalkeepers so in FIFA 16 we expect the same. But it is the same like with an good striker, best players don’t come cheap!

  1.  FIFA 16 Top 5 Goalkeepers David De Gea – Manchester United (England)

Our second in line is Daivd De Gea who just missed his transfer to Real Madrid due to paperwork. But in return his contract for Man United was extended for 4 years so we can expect him to grow in stats during this season. His current rating is 86 and his biggest weakness is handling which is at 81 . Because of that, you might concede more corner kicks than in case you have a goalkeeper like Manuel still David is a great deal and is at average have price compare to Neuer.

  1. FIFA 16 Top 5 Goalkeepers  Thibaut Courtois – Chelsea FC (England)

With his age of 22 and the same rating as De Gea he has the biggest potential to grow this season . Another big advantage is his length, because he can’t be easily passed in a one-to-one battle. His biggest weakness is Kicking which is at 69 so if you buy him remember to play on short passes not the long kicks. Buy the way his price in FIFA 15 was half of De Gea it is expected that this will change in FIFA 16 but still when it comes to price he will be a better deal.

  1. FIFA 16 Top 5 Goalkeepers Petr Čech – Arsenal (England)

Petr is the newcomer in our list compare to FIFA 15 top 5 goalkeepers . With his rating of 85 he is still one of the top goalkeepers in FIFA 16 and in BPL. His is not the youngest player around but has plenty experience and is still a very stable goal defender.  His biggest weakness is Kicking which is at 73.  Due to his age we expect a very low price in FIFA 16 so if you are looking for an cheap goalkeeper with good stats Cech is the one for you.

  1.  FIFA 16 Top 5 Goalkeepers Bernd Leno – Bayer Leverkusen (Germany)

Last but not least is Bernd Leno who got upgraded by EA with two points for FIFA 16 and is currently at 84.  This players very balanced with all the goalkeeping skills at above 80. Last year he was very cheap to get but due to upgrade of his statistics we expect his  price to be higher this year. Still he is very young and potential so a goalkeeper to watch.

So this concludes our FIFA 16 Top 5 Goalkeepers. What do you think of this list? Do you have a player which definitely should be in this list? Please let us know in the comments down below!

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