If you like to play on the counter with an lean back formation or any formation were fast players are a must than this is the list for you to look at !

FIFA 16 Top 5 Fastest PlayersFIFA 16 Top 5 Fastest Players

1.Theo Walcott – Arsenal (England)

The Fastest player in FIFA 16 , a right midfielder who earns his money in the BPL at Arsenal. His overall rating is 81 but when it comes to speed there is no faster player around as Walcott scores  96 for pace (Acceleration 95 and Sprint Speed 96). His dribble is like his overall rating at 81. His weak point is Physical as its just at 63 but for the formations with wing players Walcott is a must were you can optimally use his speed.

2.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

Officially Aubameyang is third in line when it comes to pace as Matthis Bolly beats him at raw speed but Bolly has overall score of 67 while Aubameyang hits 82. His pace is at 95 (Acceleration 96 and  Sprint Speed 95). Shooting is at 81 while his Dribbling just remains out of green at 79. Next to defending his biggest weakness is Physical which is at 71. Still Aubameyang is the fastest ST around you can get with fine overall rating. If you like to play with 4-2-3-1 formation then this is the attacker you should get.

3.Gareth Bale – Real Madrid CF (Spain)

Probably many of you expected to see him at number 1, and yes when it comes to combination of pace (94) and overall rating of 87 there is no better player around for the RM position. His Dribbling is at 84, Shooting and Passing is at 83. Even Defending and Physical is at an decent level for an attacking midfield. So way did not put him at number one well that would be the expected price . In FIFA 15 Bale is between 100K-160K(at some point 3-6M) while Walcott with more pure speed is at max 6K. So if the coin is not a problem than Bale is the ultimate balance with still amazing speed.

4.Matthis Bolly – Fortuna Düsseldorf (Germany)

If you are looking for pure speed and don’t mind the other drawbacks than Bolly is the player for you. With pace at 96 he is the second fastest player of the game. Unfortunately all other stats are below average which puts him at overall rating of 67. He will be probably cheap to get so if you are building a team with fast wingers and have limited coin Bolly is a good solution.

5.Kekuta Manneh – Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS)

Manneh is the last in line , with pace of 94 and overall rating of 69 Manneh is the fastest left midfield player around, this is also the reason way we choose him for our top 5. There are faster players but you may have noticed that a good balanced LM /LW is missing . A good alternative for him is Raheem Sterling but at much higher expected price and at 93 pace.

So this concludes our FIFA 16 Top 5 Fastest Players. We have mainly looked at the speed but also at factors like the overall rating and positions to create a balanced team in case you are looking for a build with at least 3 fast players.

What do you think of this list? Do you have a player which definitely should be in this list? Please let us know in the comments down below!

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