Who likes to defend ?We don’t ! And probably million FIFA players with us , unfortunately it’s an necessity of the game. So having a great goalkeeper is a first step but we know from years of experience that FIFA keepers are not the greatest even the once with 80 + rating. So having a fantastic backline as insurance measures is not a bad idea ? Therefor we made a list of FIFA 16 top 5 defenders. Have a look here below.

FIFA 16 Top 5 Defenders:Allabout-fifa-16-top-5-ratings

Thiago-Silva-cardThiago Silva – Paris Saint-Germain (France)

The most wanted defender in FIFA 15 ! Although he did not have the best season last year he still got upgrade 1 point by EA and has now overall rating of 88. The most important attribute is of course his defending which is at 90 points. Rest of the attributes are in low seventies , only Physical is just below green at 79. With that said there is currently no better CB in the world so if you have the coin our suggestion is to get him !

Giorgio-Chiellini-cardGiorgio Chiellini – Juventus (Italy)

Second in line is one mean defending machine like a Italian defender should be! Do not expect him to give a great pass as his is a pure defender. Even though his age is starting to play a rol EA still gave Giorgio an upgrade in FIFA 16 of 3 points putting him at overall rating of 87. His defending is at 90 points and his second best attribute, physical is at 84. Put him together with Andrea Barzagli in your team and you will have a great chemistry in the back.

Mats-Hummels-cardMats Hummels – Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

He and his team had a terrible year and we were expecting an downgrade for Mats. As he played couple very bad games making silly mistakes we did not expected from EA to leave him at overall score of 86. His best attribute is of course Defending which is at 88 and Physical at 77. Also his passing is at decent 74 so you can use him in a team were the ball needs to go around a lot. We expect a decent price for hem so he might be the best value for money in FIFA 16.

Naldo-cardNaldo – VfL Wolfsburg (Germany)

One more defender from the Bundesliga! But unlike Hummels, Naldo played a great season in Germany and is seen by many as currently one of the best defenders next to Boateng. Naldo got bumped by EA with amazing 5 points getting his overall rating at 85. Defending skill got bumped as well by 6 points get him at 88 points. His second best attribute is Physical which is at 76.Althugh he had a great year this big upgrade is totally unaccepted but sill this makes Naldo one of the most interesting newcomers in to our TOP 5.

Jérôme-Boateng-cardJérôme Boateng – FC Bayern München

Last in our TOP 5 is Boateng. As we mentioned here above he played a great season and as well got upgrade by EA with 2 points getting him at overall rating of 87. So most of you would probably ask way we did put him at 5 as he should be at least second. It was a hard choice and we left even Sergio Ramos and Philipp Lahm out of this groups as well but it is due to their pure defending skills which are stuck at 87. The reason we preferred Boateng above Andrea Barzagli and Per Mertesacker who both have 88 points for defending is his Physical which is at amazing 84 points and decent pace of 79 making him better balanced defender.

And that concludes our TOP 5 which has been a difficult one with several dilemmas of choosing more pure defender or looking at the right balance. In any case feel free to gives us your thoughts about it in the comments below .

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