Our sincere apologies, because we didn’t post this post on Sunday. We were very busy (it’s vacation time), so we could find the time to write this one. But here it is! The rating predictions for FIFA 16 from the players ranked 50 until the players ranked on place 26 of the FIFA 15 ratings. Next week: the FINAL episode of this series!

FIFA 16 Predictions: Ratings 50 – 26

50. Oscar: This midfielder of Chelsea has had a pretty decent season, won the BPL with Chelsea and is still one of the biggest talents on the European pitches. I believe that his rating will increase by 1: 84 -> 85

49. Samir Nasri: He is not in the greatest form of his life, because he is sitting more on the bench than he is scoring on the pitch! I think that he rating will decrease: 84 -> 83 

48. Alexis Sanchez: He played really well for Arsenal, but the prestations of his club stayed behind. I think that his rating will stay the same, but there is a slight chance that he will increase: 84 -> 84

47. Arda Turan: His transfer to FC Barcelona has made him a lot more popular by the people in Spain. His rating is already 84, so I think that it will stay the same for FIFA 16 (because he can’t play until January 2016): 84 -> 84

46. Gerard Piqué: Was not that great the past season, but he was already downgraded the previous season. I think that his rating will stay the same for FIFA 16: 84 -> 84

45. Carlos Tévez: His transfer to Boca Juniors will decrease his rating for sure, because EA wouldn’t let a player with a rating of 85 play in the competition of Argentina: 85 -> 82

44. Petr Cech: The all-time hero of Chelsea now transfered to Arsenal, which they will love! His old club, however, doesn’t like the move to the concurrent. Rating: 85 -> 83

43. Jérôme Boateng: The defender of Bayern Munich is still improving his defending qualities, so I believe that EA will increase his rating by 1. Rating: 85 -> 86

42. Javier Martínez: Also a defender of Bayern Munich, but I think that he lacks his improvement a little bit. He wasn’t that much in the spotlights, so I think that his rating will stay at a fair 85: 85 -> 85

41. Juan Mata: He didn’t play a lot of matches for Manchester United, so I think that EA will decrease his rating for next season. Such a shame that he left Chelsea… 85 -> 84

40. Hugo Lloris: This guy is in the spotlight of Manchester United, well, who is not… I think that he can be a really good purchase for United, because he is one of the best keeper in real life! Rating: 85 -> 86

39. Diego Costa: Became champions with Chelsea and was also one of the topscorers in the BPL. This guy had a really good season, so I think that EA will increase his rating: 85 -> 86

38. Karim Benzema: Not so great as Costa, but still pretty decent. By the enormous concurrention at Real Madrid, this guy still plays in the starting XI. His rating will be the same, I think: 85 -> 85

37. Arturo Vidal: His transfer to Bayern Munich is a really smart one, because he can become one of the best controlling midfielders on earth. I think that his rating will be improved, due to the transfer: 85 -> 86

36. Toni Kroos: Is playing a lot of matches for Real Madrid, where he is always in the central position of the pitch. One of the most important players, so he deserves an improvement of his rating: 85 -> 86

35. Sergio Busquets: I am not a big fan of this guy, but he keeps playing well for FC Barcelona, won already 4 prices with them this season and is in the race for one more. Rating: 85 -> 86

34. Mario Götze: Is not so great for Bayern Munich, as he was for Borussia Dortmund. He is not playing a key role for his team, so I think that EA will decrease his rating by 1: 85 -> 84

33. Vincent Kompany: This guy is one hell of a rock in the defence of Manchester City, where he keeps playing really well. He is a real leader, but due to his age, his rating will stay the same: 86 -> 86

32. Wayne Rooney: Is back again, since RvP left the Mancunians, and will join the force with Memphis Depay, who already starred in the Champions League. Due to his age, his rating will stay steady: 86 -> 86

31. Yaya Touré: Is a real tank and really loved by the FIFA Community, due to his enormous body and playing style. Has had a great season and I think that his rating will increase by 1: 86 -> 87

30. Xavi: Has left FC Barcelona to play for an Arabic club, so I think that his rating will drop enormously. It’s just a shame that he won’t be seen on the European pitch anymore: 86 -> 80

29. Mesut Özil: Is not the great German wizard as he was, because he is not at the right place in London (in my opinion). I think that EA will drop his rating by 2: 86 -> 84

28. Sergio Agüero: Is a few seasons in a row the most important player for Manchester City, so I think that EA will reward him this year with a +2 upgrade: 86 -> 88

27. Edinson Cavani: Is not the great guy at PSG anymore, where he plays in the shadow of the almighty Zlatan. I think that EA will decrease his rating by 1: 86 -> 85

26. Thomas Müller: Is also in the spotlight of Manchester United. Can transfer to England for an amount of roughly 85 million, so he will be one of the most expensive players in the history of football. Rating: 86 -> 86


I hope you liked this part of the rating predictions! Please come back next find to find out what we predict for the top 25!

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