EA will traditionally release the new FIFA 16 at the end of September of this year, including the newest player updates, new added competitions and more! But what includes that ‘more’? We are going to highlight the first revealed news, revealed by EA Sports itself.

FIFA 16: First Impressions

  • Innovations across the pitch
    • Confidence in defending: includes improved player marking and faster animation recovery when you miss a tackle.
    • Defend as a unit: defenders will respond faster and fill up the “dangerous space” faster.
    • Tackling fundamentals: there is a new feature, “Fake Tackle”, in which you can try to trick the attacker. Also you can adjust air tackles, when the ball is bouncing.
    • Goalkeepers: they need to be more “human”, and they are more balanced than in FIFA 15.
  • Control the midfield
    • Interception intelligence: players will now intercept earlier, and look self actively. They also step into the line of passes, but that is personality based (differs per player).
    • Passing with purpose: there will be new “R1 & X”-passes in FIFA 16, which we include faster ground passing.
  • Moments of Magic
    • No touch dribbling: this new feature will help you to feint with your body, without actually touching the ball.
    • Dynamic crossing: crosses will be more in space, instead of directly on players heard. This will give you more opportunities when you have an attacker that runs in the box.
    • Clinical finishing: shooting will be more consistent, the volleys have been completely re-animated and there is advanced foot modelling which will respond to the shape of the foot when you strike the ball.
  • Visuals
    • Vanishing spray for free kicks has been added
    • New texturing for removing the “plastic” look of the player faces
    • Two new weather types (foggy and hazy)
    • Time of the day has been improved, you will see naturally dusk
    • Long hair is fully animated
    • You can celebrate with the camera man
    • You can do the following skill (performed by Yannick Bolasie):


  • FIFA Trainer
    • An teaching tool for the fresh FIFA players, which will make in-game suggestions.
    • Skill games have been completely refreshed for FIFA 16

AND OF COURSE: WOMEN FOOTBALL WILL BE INCLUDED (sorry for the enthousiasm, but I am excited to give FIFA a different way of playing).


What do you think of the “First Impressions”? Are you planning on buying FIFA 16? Please let us know in the comments down below!


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