There are lots of people who play FUT 15 and therefore they need squads. Everyone want to create their own, unique, squad with the best players. The FIFA players who have played the gamed for years, know that their are different type of squads. Therefore, we tell you in this article which kind of FIFA 15 Squad Builders exist.

FIFA 15 Squad Builder – FUT 15

Hybrid squadsthis type is really cool, because it costs some time and effort (you really need to think about everything) before you created such a squad. There are some demandings for the hybrid teams:

1. Needs to be with players from different competitions (Leagues). At least, two different league players.

2. Everyone needs to be at least 9 chemistry.

3. The players need to play for different countries, but that  is in most cases not very hard, because in every competition there are players who come from lots of different nations.

I have created a lot of hybrid squad builders, for example: this Memphis Depay – Liga BBVA squad builder in FUT 15.


Hyperlink squadsThese are really rare and really hard to create, because only green and red lines are allowed. I have seen only a few of these kind of squads and one of them was created by MetiHD. The demandigs:

1. Everyone must have the highest chemistry possible.

2. Only green and red lines are allowed – no orange ones.


Budget squads – This isn’t a wellknown kind of squad, but I specify them as particular, because the squad needs to be very cheap. In my opinion, there are some requirements for this type of squad:

1. They need to cost less than 5000 coins.

2. All players must be gold (and non-rare).

An example of this budget builder is this 5k bundesliga budget builder by FIFAGAMERHD

Of course, there are also normal squads which aren’t as spectacular as the abovementioned ones. These squads are just normal fifa squad builders and can vary a lot : gold/silver or bronze squad builders for example.



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