In this video, I have a Premium Bronze Player Pack Opening going on in the background which has some success as I get some decent Bronze Players which I will use plus some decent silvers too which was nice in the Premium Bronze Packs.

The main focus of the video about my channel and what the future holds for it.
For my channel I plan to upload daily the plan is 8am and 8pm, covers perfect times for all audiences, as I have lots of content which I have prepared for the next 6-8 weeks. I am hopeful by doing this it can help drive up my channel audience, mainly and see if my channel can get a bit more serious again with YouTube.

As I enjoy doing YouTube always have been, but feel this is my chance to finally grow as a channel if I driving out the videos, as I have been poor so this is my chance hopefully to get a solid audience.
The plan for my channel just now is upload an A-Z Squad Builder everyday will alternate the times I think to test what time proves best I am currently at N in terms of Nations so by getting through them daily will help a lot and showcases the nations that can be build on FIFA 15 this year.

A general squad builder will go up too this will consist of a bargain basement squad builder, league specific, budget specific or level specific. Will be doing my bargain basement squad builder series again, plus doing a bronze, silver and gold squad builder for leagues at current moment aiming the big 5-6 leagues. As got so many players in my club 3000+ to be precise, so would be ace to build as many of my bargain teams, plus show off the wide variety of players and teams you can build too.

From there will throw a club tour in showcasing every player and everything I have, it is so vast so may be done over 2 videos but will see what can be done.

In terms of content I will be uploading a lot so expect double daily uploads, plus I will continue to do my Sunday Shoutout so if you are FIFA Youtuber and would like a Shoutout keep your eyes peeled as would be ace to give some FIFA Youtubers a shoutout, all I ask is you be active on my channel and the channels I shoutout, it keeps it fair for all parties.

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