In every FIFA game so far, you have overpowered players (short OP). Since KSIOlajideBT began with streaming his daily activities on YouTube, the term ‘Beast’ was linked to FIFA! To honour that amazing YouTuber, we made a list of the ‘Best Beastly Players’ in FIFA 15. If you want to play with strong, fast and skillful players, this list is the one!

FIFA 15 Best Beastly Players

1. Yannick Bolasie

The most Beastly Player on FIFA 15 is the TOTS version of Yannick Bolasie, a left midfielder who earns his money in the BPL at Crystal Palace. This guy is rated 84 overall, but his stats are simply amazing… He has 93 Pace, which makes him one of the fastest players in the game! Besides that, he has 92 Dribbling, which gets him past an opponent easily. His final stat worth mentioning is his 89 Physical, which is a lot for a winger! If you sum this all up, you will get a Beastly Player! Price: 95k

2. Emmanuel Emenike

Emmanuel Emenike is a very well-known player for a lot of FIFA-gamers. He is strong, fast and has a more than decent shot. In this list, we review his IF, where the striker of Fenerbache is 81 rated. He has 89 Pace, which is a lot for a striker! He also has 85 Physical, which helps you by getting through the defence and finally he has 83 Shooting, which will deliver you an enormous amount of goals! Price: 60k

3. Salomón Rondon

The SIF card of Salomón Rondon is 83 rated, which is a nice improvement over the NIF card of the striker of Zenit St. Petersburg. He has similar ratings if you compare him to Emenike, but because he isn’t just Beastly Looking, we’ve put him on three. He has 89 Shooting, which is handy with a striker, but he also has 86 Physical and 83 Pace. The combination makes him one of the best players to play with, because he is so OP! Price: 12k

4. Elio Castro

This guy, who raised money for charity, was rewarded with this Beastly Hero card, which is 95 rated. The only downside to this story, is that Castro the only one is who owns the card, because it is not tradeable. The striker of Manchester United, who is 95 rated, has 97 Shooting, 95 Dribbling and 95 Pace. Simply amazing ratings, but he earns it after his nice gesture to the community.

5. Alexandre Lacazette

This guy has got his breaktrough this season for Olympique Lyon! The TOTS version of this striker is 90 rated, and has amazing stats. In my opinion one of the best strikers in the game, if you look at his attacking stats. He has 97 Pace, which makes him one of the fastest players in the game! He also has 96 Shooting, wow… And last but not least, 95 Dribbling! Price: 650k

What do you think of this list? Do you have a player which definitely should be in this list? Please let us know in the comments down below!

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