The Easiest Trading Method in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for people with not much money. This trading method is well-known by almost everyone who plays FIFA 15. This method is very easy and I will explain you how it works from step-to-step.

Easiest Trading Method With 1/2 k (thousand coins) – FUT 15

This method is suitable for almost everyone that starts with FIFA 15 and wants to make some money to build a starter squad (like this Ligue 1). It is very easy and that’s why lots of people use them.

How does it work?

Go to the transfer market and change the search details to:

Trading with 300 coins


Now try to find (gold) players with any rating more than 75. You need to bid on them, but to find them, you need to skip a lot of pages till you come in the tenth minute or so. At that time there are lots of 77 rated players such as Rafael or Ansladi or 79 rated players like Kaboul or 78 rated players like Welbeck. Bid on them 300 coins and wait several minutes. You will win some of those players just like I did.

Trading with 300 coins (1)

When you pick some of these players, you can choose between to different things:

1. You can quick sell them for 315/+ coins (depending on their rating).

2. You can auction them and set a buy now depending on the value (search the player in the transfer market and check  his price).

This trading method is one of the most popular ones, and it is only meant to be used by people who don’t have more than 1/2 thousand coins. It’s a time-consuming method and I prefer other methods such as the Chemistry Style Method or  the 59th minute trading method.  These methods are more complicated, but you will get more coins in a shorter time period.


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