Calculate the 5% EA Tax with our tool below! Enter an amount of coins in our EA Tax Calculator and you’ll see the selling price in order not to lose coins!

EA Tax Calculator, how does it work?

On this page, we’ve published a EA Tax Calculator in which you can calculate the amount of the EA Tax. It also shows the amount of coins you will get.This calculator is relatively simple and works like this:

  1. Enter an amount you like to earn
  2. The calculator shows the following two things
    • The 5% – EA Tax
    • The amount of coins for which you want to sell your player, to earn the inserted amount

In a post on our website, called ‘EA Tax‘, you can find out what the EA Tax is and why this EA Tax Calculator is a musthave. We’ve used an example to explain the EA Tax a little bit more:

Paul Pogba officially currently the most expansive player in the world is sold in FIFA 17 for average 500.000 coins. This means that the buyer pays 500.000 coins. BUT, the seller only gets 475.000 coins, because EA takes 5% (which equals 25.000 coins in this situation)! This means that the seller makes a lot less money then he expected to do.

We think that the EA Tax calculator is a handy tool for everyone who uses the Transfer Market in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team! It’s quite easy to use and gives you directly the selling amount which save you coins and time. Let us know in the comments what you like to see improved on this tool, or if you want added tools!

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