This player is an absolute beast. He plays for CSKA Moskva and he is also a player for the national team of Ivory Coast. Currently, he is one of the best strikers that go for less than fifteen thousand coins. I bought him (11 oktober 2014) for thirteen thousand coins which is really cheap for a player of his calibre. In my squad, he partners up with Musa who is another hidden gem!

Doumbia Player Review – FUT 15

I base my opinion about this player on twenty matches I played with him. First things first:

Current price (PS4): 12.250 coins
Current price (Xbox): 7.100 coins 

When I first saw his card, I thought he would cost more than 40.000 coins, but than I realised that he plays in the Russian League, which is not very popular. That’s why he only cost 12.5 thousand coins and therefore I could afford him in an early stadium of the game. Here is my opinion:

Seydou Doumbia proves his card stats: he is a really fast striker who is really dynamic with and without the ball. His only downside is that he hasn’t perfect workrates for a striker, but this won’t cause big trouble. I use Doumbia in combination with Musa; both are very fast and most of the time, I play with over the top through balls. Another trait of Doumbia is his special way of dribbling and his attemps to beat the offside trap. He has an insane shot and you can easily score outside the box, but you need to know that he is not the strongest striker in the game and he can easily be put off the ball. If you prefer a stronger striker in the Russian League, I would recommand Rondon (IF). Overall, Doumbia is more than just worth the coins. He is fast, has a good shot and he has some incredible traits: Flair, Technical Dribbler, Tries to Beat Offside Trap & speedster.


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