This time, I want to talk about an other subject which is strongly related to what I was thinking about a few days ago. Have EA been listening to the FIFA Community over the years? Did they release features which were directed by the FIFA Community ? Here, you can read about my opinion on this (not very much-discussed) topic.

Did EA listen to the FIFA Community (FIFA 15 & 16)?

EA Servers: Last three years, the whole FIFA Community has been complaining about the bad EA servers. Every single year, EA don’t improve the server performances so to this aspect of the game, EA hasn’t been listening to the FIFA Community.

New features: We all know that next year’s FIFA will have women teams involved. In my opinion (and I think I am speeking for the major part of the FIFA Community), I would rather have good servers, no price ranging system, better tournament prizes, and so on, instead of having ‘women’ teams for 1-1 mode. The additional value of such a renewal is so small that they should have rather improved all the bigger issues than just adding something which is negligible.

Secondly, EA knows that their best (and most loved) game mode is Ultimate Team. It is a bit strange that they are mainly focused on bringing women teams to the game while this won’t change anything in Ultimate Team. It seems that they aren’t pointing the scope on what they should; giving the FIFA Community a better Ultimate Team game mode.

In addition to that, FIFA Youtubers are already making videos about what they would love to see in FIFA 16. I have heard some Youtubers telling that they want better tournament prizes in FUT (such as: winning special IF cards). Most of them also want to get the old, flexible transfer market back, so there would be place for FUT traders again. EA wants to earn the most possible money, so they won’t bring back the normal transfer market. They even won’t give us higher tournament prizes, because then, it is easier to get good squads, so people won’t desperately buy FIFA packs by spending FIFA points..

In short, I think that EA fails when it comes to releasing features which are demanded by the FIFA community. The only thing in which they succeed, is by making better gameplay and improving the way players look. Let us know what you think about this topic (by commenting below ;).


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