Do you have passion for FIFA like we do ? Would you like to write for our website and support this lively community ? Then you might be the one we are looking for!

At the moment, we don’t have enough time to write on AllAboutFIFA on daily basis. That’s why we want to get some writers who can write about top 5 lists, player reviews, squad builders, trading methods, TOTW predictions, FIFA news and more! In return if you have you own blog or YouTube/Twitch channel then you can link to your channel and embed your video in our blog for more views.

You can also sent us your proposal what you like in return for writing on our blog .


Our requirements for an AllAboutFIFA writer

✓ He/she needs to be good at English (every blogpost consists of 450 words at least).

✓ He/she needs to be motivated to write for our website on weekly basis.

✓ He/she needs to be reached easily by talking to us via Twitter/Whatsapp.

✓ He/she needs to share his/her posts on his/her social media channels.

✓ He/she needs to have at least 2000 followers on one of the social media channels


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