The Spanish league is known for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. These teams are world class, and so are there players. Because of that, a good team in this competition costs loads of money. We decided to make a squad builder with decent players, but also really cheap for their rating. I hope you guys will experience that you don’t always need to have lots of coins, but you need to be creative!

Liga BBVA cheap Squad Builder w/ Mandzukic and Mascherano in FUT 15

Formation: 3-4-3

Price: around the 17.000 coins (PS3: 20.000, Xbox: 15.000)

Players: Muniain, Mandzukic, Deulofeu, Turan, Tiago, Banega, Feghouli, Mathieu, Laporte, Mascherano and Ochoa

I have written down why every player fits in this squad and I will tell all the advantages, disadvantages and their prices.

  • Muniain: really quick dribbler, who plays for Athletic Club. He is a good crosser who is, combined with his dribbling skills, a fear for every right back.
  • Mandzukic: his heading accuracy is just amazing, with 91! If you are a player who likes to give lots of cross passes, put in him front to score the headers!
  • Deulofeu: almost the same type of player as Muniain, who can do the same work on the right wing of the pitch!
  • Turan: extremely cheap for his 84 rating! He has some amazing ratings, for example his ball control & vision!
  • Tiago: decent midfielder from Atletico Madrid, who has the perfect chem with Mandzukic & Turan. He will control your midfield, together with the next player.
  • Banega: pretty good passer, who can give in-depth passing to the left & right wings
  • Feghouli: also a pacey winger, and known for his great perfomances during the last World Cup.
  • Mathieu: the summer transfer of FC Barcelona has an high pace in the back, and combined with his great defence this makes him the perfect, cheap defender in this formation
  • Laporte: just a casual defender, who can stop your opponents attack, but don’t let him go to far away from your penalty area (his shot is really weak).
  • Mascherano: this is in my opinion an underrated player, especially when you look at his price! This defender fits perfectly in our formation.
  • Ochoa: great keeper with awesome reflexes! Known by lots of FIFA players

BBVA Squad

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