The Bundesliga became one of the dominant competitions in the past few years. Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund are teams of a high class level and the sub-top is only of a remarkable level (like Wolfsburg, who made it to the quarter finals in the Europa League). This means that the players in the Team of the Season have played an outstanding season so far and made a lot of fame with their goals, defending actions and dribbles. We present to you the Bundesliga Team of the Season prediction!

Bundesliga TOTS: prediction

  • Manuel Neuer (Bayern München): Well, he is an outstanding goalkeeper (in my opinion the best in the world) and is definitely in the Team of the Season, he is one of the few who will join the squad for sure. Was also the goalkeeper in the Team of the Year-squad, formed by EA.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez (Wolfsburg): Is playing really good for Wolfsburg, scored already 6 goals and has given 4 assists. That is a lot for a left back, which shows that he is not only good at his defending capabilities, but also has some attacking skills! He can become on the most popular left back in the game, due to his amazing stats. He earned already 2 In-Form cards, of which the highest one is rated 82.
  • Naldo (Wolfsburg): The Brazilian Beast of Wolfsburg also deserves a place in this squad, because he is one of the key role players for the really good season of Wolfsburg. He got a +1 winter upgrade (80 -> 81), and already got 2 IF’s by his performances during the season!
  • Jérôme Boateng (Bayern München): Many FIFA gamers were shocked by having him not in the TOTY, but he will be definitely in the Team of the Season. This guy, well, he got a +1 winter upgrade (85 -> 86), a MOTM and an IF. Is there anything else left to say?
  • Rafinha (Bayern München): In our prediction, the defense of the Bundesliga TOTS will be dominated by two clubs, only Bayern München and Wolfsburg. Rafinha is one of the underrated players of Bayern München, but he is really important for the team. That is why we give him a place in our TOTS prediction.
  • Gonzalo Castro (Bayer Leverkusen): He is a really balanced player who is popular by a lot of gamers. He didn’t play the first 10 matches of the season, but he is still third in the midfielder ranking of the Bundesliga, which says something. He also earned an IF by EA, so I believe that he will be part of this squad.
  • Roberto Firmino (Hoffenheim): This Brazilian midfielder has a nice playing style and showed that this season for Hoffenheim. I’m not for sure that he will be in the TOTS, but my doubts are between him and Xabi Alonso. If EA wants to earn money, they add Alonso.
  • Kevin de Bruyne (Wolfsburg): This guy will be for sure in the Team of the Season, because he has had an incredible season so far. He has already given 17 (!) assists and scored 10 goals. These facts are amazing for a midfielder, and this is only in the Bundesliga! He got a +2 winter upgrade (81 -> 83), 2 IF’s and a MOTM.
  • Arjen Robben (Bayern München): Despite his injury right now, I am for 100% sure that he will be in the TOTS. This guy is in my opinion the third best football player in the world, after Messi & Ronaldo. His dribbles, goals and pace are of an extraordinary level. He was in the TOTY, and earned 3 IF’s and a MOTM. Well, convince me he’s not worth the place!
  • Alexander Meier (Eintracht Frankfurt): This striker of Eintracht Frankfurt will not be known by anyone, but he earned a +2 winter upgrade (76 -> 78) by EA and scored some decent goals. It will be him or Aubameyang.
  • Bas Dost (Wolfsburg): He has had the form of his life during February/March, where he scored goal after goal. He decided the historical 5-4 victory on Bayer Leverkusen by scoring 4 times, which got him into the TOTW. He earned two IF’s, and special on his In-Form’s are that they are not +1, but +2 each.

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