The squad I’ve been using for the past while is a 352 BPL sweat team,it’s a solid team for a very cheap price only about 15-20k Squad.

Budget Squad Builder FUT 15

Lloris – 6.4k – Best Goalkeeper I’ve used personally so far this year and I’ve used almost every keeper. The only keeper who I feel comes close to Lloris is Handanovic: Lloris makes all the clutch important saves that keeps you in the high divisions and makes you win matches.


Vertonghen – 1.4k -My favourite central back in every FIFA I’ve played (since FUT 11), but this year he’s not as good as he was. Although, he’s still solid and makes crucial tackles.

Cahill – 2k – Best BPL CB in the game this year for me, always back whenever I need him to be there.

Mangala – 1k – scored a hattrick in his first game for me, literally the only good thing he’s done for me in my 13/14 games with the team. He is the big let down of the team in my opinion.


Matic (Upgraded card) – 1.5k – the most solid CDM in the game, literally like a 4th CB who just doesn’t move from in front of the back 4. I highly recommend him.

Fernandinho – 3k – this is the first time I’ve used him in this year’s FUT and I have to say that I really enjoy playing with him. He’s always there to mop up the mistakes that anyone else on the team might make.

Walcott – 1k – Not good in a 3 back formation as he doesn’t really get the chance to get as upfield as he would like as he covers into a back 5 when the opponent is attacking. He is great to break through the opponent’s defence because of the 96 pace.

Young – 1k – My favourite LM in the game this year if I’m being completely honest. He is always in the right place where I want him to be and is surprisingly competent while defending, his slide tackling is immense and he’s a player that always leaves his all on the pitch for the team.

Oscar – what can I say about this little Brazilian man? Best long shotter on the game, best passer in the game and in my opinion even the best midfielder in the game. I know his work rates don’t suit a CAM but his default is a CAM which is why I play him there. I’ve played him in every position except for the striker spot and I can say with confidence that his best position is CAM or CM: don’t try play him anywhere else unless you want him to reach his full potential.


Sturridge – 6k – well now here comes the main man of this team – 39 goals in 14 games. It is amazing to link him up with his fellow striker Lukaku. They are the best 2 strikers in the BPL. I’ve used Costa, Aguero and I’ve even used Hazard on 7 chemistry at ST but no one can match up to Danny Sturridge.

Lukaku – the assist machine: 25 assists and 15 goals in 14 games. Him and Sturridge link up so well with each other and they are the reason I got promoted on about the 20th try back up to division 2.

In short, I really recommend this Budget FUT 15 Squad Builder if you enjoy easy wins and just enjoy playing FIFA.

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