Today, another trading method which is one of the most comment (after the gold non-rare trading method). This “Bronze Pack” trading method is very easy and another big advantage is that you need only 400 coins. This is one of a few trading method with such a low coin requirement. Here we go!

The first thing you need to do is logging in on the EA FIFA 15 server. It doesn’t matter wheter you access your account by console or just using your computer ( Thereafter, you need to go to the store and you go to the bronze pack section. Here you open the cheapest (non-premium) bronze pack for 400 coins. You will get one rare bronze card and also some contracts, players, fitness cards, kits, etc. Now you have to put them on the transfer market for a buy now price of 200 coins.

If everything sells, you will get at least 200 x 12 = 2400 coins. In most cases, you will get more than the 400 coins you invested, but sometimes it needs some time before everything sells. Secondly, sometimes you have big luck and you might win a great bronze rare player or even an inform who is worth a lot. For example, last year Akinfenwa was really expensive and you could easily sell him for loads of coins. So, if you get a rare bronze player always check his price in the transfer market, because sometimes you can be rich by just selling a bronze card. Secondly, if you get a rare fitness card (for the whole squad) you need to look for its price as well, because those cards can be worth over 1000 coins so that’s really easy money.

I hope I helped you out, there are some other methods that I’ve already shared here. The 59th trading method and the chemistry styles trading method.

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