Today, I will give you my opion on the top 5 best strikers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. This list will not be very extraordinary, because I assume that all of you know these players.

Best Strikers FUT 15 – Top 5

It is quite tricky to make a list like this, because I wasn’t sure whether I should include inform and TOTS cards or not. I ended up making this list based on the normal player cards (so without the TOTS/informs).

1. Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona -> In my opinion, he is our greatest legend of this decade. I prefer him over Cristiano Ronaldo, because he is just a natural/raw talent and not a detrained ‘machine’. This makes him very special and he might be even better than Diego Maradona was in the past. On FIFA, he is just untameable, because of his pace and dribbling.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – PSG -> As I already said, this list doesn’t include TOTS/inform cards, so no Ronaldo on the second spot. Zlatan is the second best striker overall, because of his shooting and strenght. There’s no need to clarify that, because I am sure you will agree on that if you have seen him playing a match in real life. He was even better in last year’s FIFA, because of his 5* skills.

3. Luis Suarez – FC Barcelona -> Him, Neymar and Messi are the super trio of FC Barcelona. He isn’t as good as Messi, because he is less refined than Messi, although he is still an amazingly good player. I am really looking forward to seeing him back in the form he had when he played for Liverpool. In FIFA, he is very useful, because of his strength in combination with his pace.

4. Falcao – Man. Utd -> Falcao wasn’t impressive last year. Luckily, his bad performances in real life couldn’t affect his performances in FIFA 15 ultimate team. Just like every year, he is the perfect fit for every FUT player who likes to use the wingers to cross-pass. Falcao is always there to finish it off and give you some good and easy wins.

5. Robin van Persie – Man. Utd -> He was almost as bad as Falcao in real life. He wasn’t as clinical as he used to be, so I am really worrying about his FUT 16 card. He might get a huge downgrade (just like Falcao). In FIFA 15, he is very handy if you want to score long distance goals.

I have tried all of these players recently, because they became affordable right after the introduction of the new price ranging system. Feel free to share your own review on these players in the comment section!

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