New FIFA 19 is around the corner and since we know the ratings already let’s have a look at the best right wingers FIFA 19. Best right wingers in FIFA 19 are still top players in the world. So this are the players you want to add to your team.

Best right wingers FIFA 19 – Best RF/RW/RM Players FIFA 19

This list contains only non-IF

  1. Gareth Bale – RM: Bale is going op every year and in FIFA 19 he has hit the number 1 position. This has also of cores to do with Messi moving to the CF position. He is an amazing player with extreme raw speed. Bale scores on pace 95 and he is insane with his dribble of 85. The guy has more than decent shooting of 88 as well. Passing an defender with him is piece of cake. Then you have the option to shoot or pass both not a problem with him.
  2. Mohamed Salah – RW:  Last season Salah was killing it and honestly we were expecting to see him move to Real on PSG which did not happen. Still in FIFA 19 EA gave Salah big upgrade to ORV of 88 right at the same level as Bale. So why then the second spot? Well he is a bit slower 92 pace. Also his shooting is 84 which is again less than Bale. Mohamed is a better dribbler but with then his passing is again a lot lower than Bale. Second spot is well deserved and Salah is absolutely not a bad option looking at is stats he is just a bit behind on Bale. He will be better priced so that is an advantage.
  3. Kylian Mbappé – RW: Again a player that has stormed our top 5 with his development. We would say have a look at how many IF’s EA give him last year and it will be clear why he went from 71 ORV in FIFA 16 to 87 in FIFA 19. If you though that Bale is fast in the game than you should try Mbappé with his pace of 96! Yes one of the fastest non-IF players in the game. His dribbling is 89 so there he matches Salah. Even passing is the same but he loses on shooting with 81. Kylian can still score goals no doubt but he is just behind the two guys above him. No worries we expect IF versions where that will be fixed. Absolute an incredible player to have if you have the coins.
  4. Iago Aspas – RW : We keep adding new players to this list. Aspas had a fine season last year so EA gave him mid-season upgrade and now again in FIFA 19. When it comes to speed he is fare from the guys above him with 81. His dribbling and shooting is quite decent with 86, passing is then again lower with 77. So no you won’t be running past your opponent like the above guys with Aspas. But then he will be quite more reasonably priced and his ratings are good balanced so for an nice Spanish build he is a great option.
  5. Raheem Sterling – RW : Last in the list with an upgrade and entry in to our top 5 is Sterling. Had an decent season last year and therefore grow in to this spot. He is faster than Aspas with 93 pace. He is even a better dribbler with 87 but shooting is lacking with 73. Also almost 10 points less physical and therefor lower rated.  Sterling offers though affordable speed and if used correctly he can contribute to a lot of your goals.

That it with the top 5 best right wingers FIFA 19. We do have an alternative list that contains Icon and IF players so that one will change during the year. Have a look below.

Best right wingers FIFA 19 including icons and IF’s

  1. George Best – RW (93)
  2. Luís Figo – RW (92)
  3. George Best – RW(90)
  4. Luís Figo – RW (90)
  5. George Best – RW (88)

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