Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 17 / Best left wingers in FIFA 17

Next in our TOP 5 series are the best left wingers in FIFA 17 and the best left midfielders! So who are the best players on the left side in FIFA 17? Below we will have in-depth look at the 5 best players currently in the game with their stats and price. Welcome to the Best LF/LW/LM players FIFA 17 Top 5!

Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 17 TOP 5 / Best left wingers in FIFA 17

Looking back at our FIFA 16 Top 5 in this category there are not much changes. In fact 4 of the 5 players are the same like in the previous season. Still stats may have change  so let’s have in depth look.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) – LW : Still unbeaten number 1 on the left wing. Ronaldo received even a boost compare to last year rating him the best player in the game. His overall rating in FUT 17 is 94. While his Shooting has been downgraded from 93 to 92 the rest of the stats are up. Dribbling +1 to 91, Passing +1 to 81 and the biggest boost is his Physicality with +2 to 80. With all the traits that are important above 90 make Ronaldo the player you want to have. His starting prices is 170K but expect that he will go for a lot more. So if you are lucky to get him from the package you will want to keep this player in your team.
  2. Neymar (FC Barcelona) – LW : If you are building team with Barcelona players then Neymar will be definitely your first choice. Comparing Neymar to last year at the season start than his stats got boosted by 4 points. Although he received the boost already in the winter to 90. Still Neymar was already amazing with this new boost he is insane! His OVR is 92 , but most amazing is his dribbling of 95. Down side is his Physicality which can actually be a problem in FIFA 17 that has become a lot more physical. Even though even there he received an upgrade 56 is not much. If you are not building an Barcelona team this last point can really be a deal breaker for you. Starting price of 70K is quite reasonable but again we expect to see him to sell for a lot higher price. Keep on reading as the next player on this list might be the alternative for you.
  3. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) -LM : Eden is one of those players with a great balance. Last season he was not that great but whole Chelsea had a bad season so he got downgraded. Its kind odd as he picked up TOTW and iMOTM twice. Let’s not dwell on that as his OVR of 88 is still good. Pace of 90 and Dribbling of 91 are amazing. Shooting of 81 and Passing of 82 are not bad either. With the price starting at 22K he is 3 times cheaper than Neymar so for a non-Spanish or Brazilian build Eden is an perfect choice.
  4. Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund) – LW : Reus was also in FIFA 16 our number 4 player. But honestly if Hazard does not shine this year and Reus does it will be close for the spot 3. Reus did actually receive an upgrade of two points getting his OVR at 88. He is still not at level of Hazard or Neymar. Pace is there with 90 but dribbling is lacking compare to the two above with 86.Shooting of 85 and Passing 84 is actually better than Edens. Buy the way both Reus and Hazar have 4 for WF and skill. Starting price of 27K is not bad. For hybrid or a German build the number one choice on the left wing for sure.
  5. Alexis Sánchez (Arsenal) – LW : Bay bay Ribéry and hallo Sánchez. While Ribéry has been part of the top 5 on the midfield for quite some time his time has clearly come. Last two season he has not played a lot and when he played it was not all that great. Sánchez on the other hand was quite stable. Last season he played quite some amazing matches. EA awarded him for it with couple IF’s. In FIFA 17 his overall rating got boosted by one point. It not a huge boost but enough to get him in on this list. His OVR is 87 , best attributes are Dribbling (88), Pace(86) and Shooting (82). His Passing of 79 and Physicality of 74 make him a decent balanced player. Biggest problem for Alexis is that for an BPL build Hazard will be a better option as the prices at the same level. Alternatively you can still go for Robéry who has overall one point less but much better Dribbling.


This concludes our list of the best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 17, please let us know in the below comment who you think should be in the TOP 5 best left wingers in fifa 17.

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