We’re back again with a an update in our Top 5-series.This time, it’s all about the best left forwards, best left wingers and best left midfielders! Which players are the best on the left side, and more important, what are his best stats? Below we will have in-depth look at the 5 best players currently in the game with their stats and price. Welcome to the Best LF/LW/LM players FIFA 16 Top 5!

Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 16

  1. Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 16 RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): The number one position on the left side is dominated by him in the last couple years and not without a reason as Ronaldo is simply one of the best players in the world at the moment. His standard in game OVR is 93 but like in the previous year’s Ronaldo picked up quite a collection of cards.  3 TOTW cards OVR 94,96 and 97.Hero card OVR 95,MOTM card OVR 97,TOTY card OVR 98 and TOTS card with OVR of 99. His stats are over the rooftop if you can get his TOTS or TOTY card. But also with his normal rare gold card you won’t be disappointed. Ronaldo is fast, has a great heading accuracy great shot and dribble. Overall if you can afford him or if you are lucky enough to get him from the packs its an amazing player to have. Depending on the card his price start at 550K and go’s up to 4.3M for his TOTS card.
  2. Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 16 NeymarNeymar (FC Barcelona): Our number two this year is Neymar. He started this season with a standard OVR of 88 but picked up couple TOTW cards to than get upgraded during the winter to OVR 90. But that is not all as Neymar steamed on to his TOTY card with 97 OVR and to continue to the season end and finish with an TOTS card. Pace, dribble and shooting are his best traits and in game he feels so smooth to play with. You can cut though the defense like going through butter. When it comes to price Neymar like Ronaldo is not cheap his OVR 88 card go’s for 100k but if you want TOTY or TOTS card then you would need to spend over 1M.
  3. Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 16 HazardEden Hazard (Chelsea): Last year he was our second player but this year Hazard has lost his position to Neymar. His traits match Neymars and Hazard has even higher passing rating for which he received high season start OVR of 89. Unfortunately the blues did not have a great season and Hazard only managed to pick up one TOTW card with 90 OVR. Still Eden is a great player in the game with a great passing so not only can you score goals with him but you can assist many. Price starts at 40K for his regular card and go’s up to 400K for his TOTW card. His regular card is an great deal for what Hazard has to offer.
  4. Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 16 REUSMarco Reus (Borussia Dortmund):  4th place was actually a hard pick as there a couple players who can claim it. We went for Reus and mainly for his MOTM cards. His normal overall rating is 86 but with the MOTM card he got up to 89. Most interesting about it his MOTM card is that this pace got boost to 93, dribbling to 91, shooting to 89 and passing to 90. If you look at this combination it’s a great balance and if you can get this card believe us you will understand the pick once you start play with him. Also his regular gold card wont disappoint as again he is quite fast with a good dribble, shooting and pass. Price of Rues regular gold card starts at 25K and will go up to 900K on Xbox(2.3M PC,850K PS) for his MOTM card.
  5. Best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 16 RiberyFranck Ribéry (Bayern Munich): Franck is our last pick and to be honest his season was a disaster worse than 2014/15. Still in game his is a great player to have. Pace 87, dribbling 91, shooting 77 and passing 84. And quit honestly his is the cheapest of the pack. You can get him for about 15K which is not much. Alternatively you can get Sanchez who had a lot better season and picked up couple TOTW cards but of course against higher price.

This list is based on performance during the year but also price and base (card) is taken in to account.

This concludes our list of the best LF/LW/LM Players FIFA 16, please let us know in the below comment who you think should be in the TOP 5 best left wingers.


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