We’re back again with a post in our Top 5-series. This time, it’s all about the best left forwards, wingers and midfielders! Which players is the best on that side, and more important, what are his best stats? We will highlight five players for you, which we will give an in-depth look in their stats and price. Welcome to the ‘Best LF/LW/LM Midfielders’!

Best LF/LW/LM Midfielders

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): Well, this one will surprise nobody. He is the absolute king on the left side, it doesn’t matter on which team he is. His TOTY card is the best one in the game (99 rated), and he has already 3 TOTW’s, 1 Hero-card, 1 MOTM and 1 Record-breaker. This brings it to a total of 8 cards, including his normal one. His stats are simply outstanding, but so is his price. You can pick him up for at least 3000k coins, on PS. For Xbox-players, the price is around the 600k.
  2. Eden Hazard (Chelsea): The second player in this list is Hazard, the Belgium beast of Chelsea, who has one hell of a season this year. His normal card is a decent one, but take a look at his TOTS card (95 rated), or his Hero or TOTW-nomination. This guy is a real hazard for the BPL defending, and I hope he will continue doing so. For a price of 80k you can pick him up on PS, compared to only 35k on Xbox.
  3. Franck Ribéry (Bayern Munich): The French left midfielder with his characteristic scarfs on his face, who made fame for Bayern, is the third player in our list. He did not performed so well this season and didn’t get a TOTS card. This only card he earned is a In-Form one, but that a shame compared to other seasons where he gained at least 4 cards. His 88 rating is mainly based on his abilities to get past a player (dribbling, acceleration and ball control). You can pick him up for 95k coins on PS, or for 30k on Xbox.
  4. Neymar (FC Barcelona): This guy is going through on hell of a season, if you put him together Messi and Suarez on a pitch, they’re unstoppable. Neymar himself got already 3 TOTW cards and one MOTM, and I am pretty sure that he will add a TOTS card. He has had his breakthrough on the European pitch this year, and I hope he will show a lot more of his skills. For 85k you can pick him up on PS, for Xbox it’s 40k.
  5. David Silva (Manchester City): This guy got a downgrade at the beginning of the season, but fought himself back into the elite of 90 rated players, because he got 3 IF’s. His normal card is rated 87, where his TIF is rated 90! His normal card is available for only 700 coins on PS and Xbox, which means that he is just available for a shitty price! A must-have in you BPL squad.

This list only contains the ‘normal’ cards of the players, which means it can differ a little bit from the one where the ‘In-Form’ cards are included.

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