Next in our TOP 5 series are the best left wingers FIFA 19 and the best left midfielders! Are there big changes to the best LF/LW/LM players in FIFA 19? Read more on it below.

Best left wingers FIFA 19 / Best LF/LW/LM players FIFA 19

Left wingers are always popular among the FIFA players so let’s have a look what has change from FIFA 18 to FIFA 19.

  1. Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) – LW (92): One thing you can give to Neymar that he was most bespoken person in football when he made the move to PSG. The thing is that last season he did not do that great. Of course EA gave him couple IF’s but overall he was not best. World cup well we all saw it. But when it comes to FIFA 19 and the ratings Neymar got there is simply no better player on the left side. Neymar if lightning fast(pace 92), amazing dribbler(95) and a great passer(83). The only problem not getting him is going to be the price.
  2. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) – LW (91): Eden keeps grown and in FIFA 19 he got one point bump again. With Ronaldo gone from the first spot it was easy for Eden to move up. Pace of 91 and Dribbling of 94 are amazing. Shooting of 82 and Passing of 86 are not bad either. Normally Hazard is half a lot cheaper than  Neymar  and if you see his stats balance maybe even better option.
  3. Coutinho (FC Barcelona) – LW (88): New to our top 5 due to his small upgrade. Coutinho pickup last year couple IF’s so it was expected that he will end up here. Also Ribéry dropped out. He has decent pace to offer of 81 and quite a good dribble of 91. Passing of 86 and shooting of 81. His down side is lack physic now normally that is not a problem when a player is fast but Coutinho is not that fast to compensate. Still a good balanced player for a lot less coins than the above two.
  4. Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli) – LW (88): Again an new addition to our top 5.  Insigne was growing like Coutinho during the last couple years so it was as well accepted that he will het the list at one point. Last season he picked up also couple nice IF’s and we were expecting him to move to an better team but that did not happen. Anyway looking at what he has to offer is the great pace of 90, dribbling of 91, passing of 84. Unfortunately again an player with lacking physical (50) and not that great shooting of 76.  Upside unlike with Coutinho his speed will compensate for the lacking strength and if used properly not a problem at all. Find the right formation like the 4-3-3 and you will be fine with him. One more upside is the price!
  5. Alexis Sánchez (Manchester United) – LW (87): Alexis got downgraded for this season which is a bit unexpected. His age is coming in to play for sure and last season was not that great either. Nevertheless Sánchez is still one great option for your left side. With Pace 82, Dribbling 89, Shooting 83 and Passing 79 he offer one of the best balance on the field. Physically he is also stronger than the above guys so lacking pace is not an issue. With the downgrade we expect his price to go down what will make him even more interesting.

Now to make it more intresting there is an adtional top 5 left wingers including icons and IF.

Best left wingers FIFA 19 including icons and IF

  1. Ronaldinho (Icons) – LW (94)
  2. Ryan Giggs (Icons) – LM (92)
  3. Rivaldo (Icons) – LW (92)
  4. Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) – LW (92)
  5. Pavel Nedvěd (Icons) – LM (91)

This concludes our list of the best left wingers FIFA 19, honestly if you have the coin to spend the icons are here an amazing addition that can make your team really stronger.  Guys please let us know in the below comment who you think should be in the TOP 5 best left wingers in fifa 19.

For the full list of the left wingers in fifa 19 check out our database.

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