The Best Left Wingers FIFA 18 (LF/LW/LM) was one of our favourite list to make. The list contains two of the best players in the world at the moment or at least most spoken off. We are sure you know but have a look at the list below.

Best Left Wingers FIFA 18 (LF/LW/LM)

The list of the Best LF/LW/LM players FIFA 18 is not much deferent compare to FIFA 17. There are some small changes more on that below.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) – LW (94): What to say more than that Ronaldo is still unbeaten number 1 winger. His statistics have not changed much compare to last year and his overall rating is still 94. Its small things like dribble -1 and passing +1. But in general his balance is still the same. In game he feels totally the same and is pretty much unstoppable. If you lucky to get him in the pack than you will be happy otherwise be prepay to spend a lot coins to get him
  2. Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) – LW (92) : With the most controversial transfer in the football history in the pocket and a big fat bank account Neymar is the player to watch this season. Also his statistics compare to FIFA 17 are quite the same. What we love about him is the crazy dribbling of 95. There is one thing wiht him that is that the physicality with even more slow gameplay of FIFA 18 is in some situation an problem. And then comes the price its crazy high. But when all the statistics are combined you see then that the second spot is well deserved.
  3. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) -LM (90) : Eden received an boost compare to FIFA 17. Not odd of course looking at his IF’s from last season. Pace of 90 and Dribbling of 92 are amazing. Shooting of 82 and Passing of 84 are not bad either. He cost half of what Neymar cost but still is not an cheap player. What we do like a lot about him is the balance so if you want a great multi-functional winger Eden is the perfect choice.
  4. Alexis Sánchez (Arsenal) – LW (89) : Alexis raised up in the ranks as he received a small boost as well. Last year he was responsible for kicking Ribéry out of this top 5 now he took the spot of Reus. Last year he picked up many IF’s and was really playing great. In game he is now even more robust player. Price is almost half cheaper than Eden so if you are building Premier League team you could consider picking him and use the saved coins on a different position.
  5. Ribéry – LM (86), Reus – LM (86) and Coutinho – LW  (86):This is a funny one but we have a shared 5th spot. The reason we are doing this is that all three players have the same overall rating. Also all the players individual statistics are more or less the same. Reus stands out with higher pace while Ribery has the highest dribble. When weighing all the statistics all three players are a good choice and therefor deserved shared spot 5. It leaves you at more choice depending on the build.

The best left wingers FIFA 18 (LF/LW/LM)

As in our previous top 5 we left out the inform and Icon players. But to make this set of Best Left Wingers FIFA 18 players complete in case you don’t care about the coins. Then you have option to get Henry – LW , Overmars – LM  and Laudrup – LW this three players fit perfectly between Hazard and Sanchez.

FIFA 18 best left wingers

Do note that when you builder your own team the Best left winger FIFA 18 could be totally different for you. Every build is diffrent depending on the Legue, Club, Nation, etc.. So you need to select the best player that fits your build.

Anyway guys please tell us what you think about our list of the best left wingers FIFA 18 ? Please let us know in the comment if you feel that we are missing a player that belongs on this FIFA 18 best left wingers list. Also do not don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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