All the big completions have ended so it is time to sum up the best hero cards in FIFA 16. Best hero cards FIFA 16 are awarded to players for individual honors, like best players and best young players awards, and heroic contribution during an important match such as a league derby, winning promotion to a higher league, or saving his club from relegation. See below our top 5.

Best hero cards FIFA 16

  1. Best hero cards FIFA 16 Hero Luis SuárezHero Luis Suárez (FC Barcelona): Absolute the highest given hero card this season is the 97 overall rated card for Luis which he received in the week 32 for his amazing performance in the 8-0 win over Deportivo. Suarez was godly in that fixture, the unstoppable forward scored whooping 4 goals and assisted other 3. The rating of this hero cared is Pace 89, Dribbling 96, Shooting 96,Passing 93 and Physical 92.Crazy! Downside which will count for all the hero cards is the price, PS 1.2M, Xbox 1.2M and Pc 1,75M.
  2. Best hero cards FIFA 16 Hero Cristiano RonaldoHero Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): Mid October 2015 Ronaldo got awarded the highest rated hero card in FIFA 16 (at that moment). The award was given to him for his sensational form this season. He nabbed his fourth Golden Boot and he became the current all-time goal scoring leader for Real Madrid. Overall rating of his hero card is 95. Pace 94, Dribbling 92, Shooting 95, Passing 84 and Physical 84. When it comes to price Ronaldo’s hero card is at the same level as Suarez but on PC the price is even higher at 2.4M. So you need quite some coins to get this card.
  3. Best hero cards FIFA 16 Hero Lionel MessiHero Lionel Messi ( FC Barcelona): What would an soccer hero list without Lionel Messi? The man is a living legend already so what ells to say.  He picked up his hero card in February 2016 for scoring the 300 (and 301) La Liga goals. It was yet again and landmark is his already amazing career. OVR of this hero card is 95. In detail ratings are; Pace 93,  Dribbling  96, Shooting 90, Passing 88 and Physicality 63. Not a bad rating at  all. But the price for it is 800K on PS/Xbox and 1.6M on PC.
  4. Best hero cards FIFA 16 Hero Zlatan IbrahimovićHero Zlatan Ibrahimović (PSG): As controversial as Zlatan can bee he is still one great player. Zlatan picked up his hero cared for betting PSG’s all time goal record. And although building a good hybrid team around him will be difficult it’s a nice card for Ibra fans. Overall rating of his hero card is 90. In detail ratings are; Pace 74, Dribbling 87, Shooting 92, Passing 84 and Physicality 88. But more interesting part is that his hero card is not that expensive compare to the above players as you can get Ibra hero card on the market for 200k.
  5. Best hero cards FIFA 16 Hero Sergio AgüeroHero Sergio Agüero (Manchester City): Agüero had an great season and claimed quite a collection of award cards. From IF’s to winter upgrade, TOTS and this Hero card. He received it for his performance in the game against Newcastle were he scored 5 goals in about 20 minutes. He was already in our top 5 BPL strikers but this upgrade puts him quite close to the world top 5 strikers. His hero card is overall rated with 89 and looking at the breakdown we see Pace 90, Dribbling 90, Shooting 92, Passing 79 and Physicality of 72. So a great package with a down side and that would be the price like for the other hero players. Agüero hero cost about 700k.

Hero cards are cool addition since FIFA 15 and it gave the above players nice boost the question remains if you did not get them in the pack openings are they worth buying? This is totally up to you as some of them got TOTW,TOTY and TOTS cards with higher ratings of course again against a higher price. Most interesting one is Ibrahimović but you relay need to find the right player to build a team around him.

This concludes our best hero cards FIFA 16 top 5 for more top 5’s, TOTW, TOTS, and other FIFA news don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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