Continuing today with our top 5’s the Beast Heading Strikers FIFA 18. This are the best rated players who are more than capable of hitting the net with their head. We will start the list with non-inform players.

Best Heading Strikers FIFA 18

The below list contains non-inform and no Icon’s players.

  1. Aduriz – ST : Like the last year and in our best headers list the number one position is for Aduriz. In the game there is no better option than him unless you want to pay for the icons and IF players but check on that below. The guy is quite affordable and his ORV is more than decent. His heading accuracy is now 94, Jumping 94 and strength at 83. Not to forget positioning and finishing with well above 80 which make him ideal header.
  2. Andy Carroll – ST : Andy was last year on the 5th spot but this year he claimed the 2th spot. The guy is a beast as well so he could be multi-purpose for you build. His ORV of 78 is not extremely high so that could be a trade-off for you if you are building a higher level team but for a starter build he is an great option. Let’s start whit his crazy high Strength of 93 then Heading Accuracy of 91 to finish with Jumping of 84. So let’s there be no doubts this guys will score with the head for sure. His beast rating will help as well to win the aerial battel and you can abuse him without thinking about it.
  3. Olivier Giroud ST : New in this top 5 compare to last year is Olivier. The gunner with his 192CM length is well known for his headers. He is quite strong as well and has amazing Heading Accuracy. Add to that good jumping and finishing and you than understand way we awarded him the third spot. At the moment his price is right so no brainer there either.
  4. Mario Mandžukić – ST : Although his best years are gone in game he is still a top header. His set of ratings is Jumping of 85 , Strength of 87, Heading Accuracy of 90 and Att. Positioning of 89. Traits that do not add to his heading but help scoring are Aggression of 88 and Finishing 84. Al in all Mario has quite a balance treat set and is an fine striker.
  5. Islam Slimani – ST: You would almost forget about Slimani after last season! The season before he was off the chart and I was expecting him to move to a bigger club to grow further but that did not happen. Still even with lower ORV compare to last season he is quite a good header. His strength (85),  Jumping (87) , Heading Accuracy (91) are quite nice. Slimani height is 188cm so with this combination he is still a formidable force in the air. His price went down compare to last year so it makes him even more interesting for your build.

Best Heading Strikers FIFA 18

If you don’t care about the price then the top 5 will look differently. If you can get icons, otw and totw players than you can get even better headers. Note that ratins of OTW players may change and we might get new totw players that breach this top 5. So unlike the above top 5 this one can change during the year.

  1. Tim Cahill – ST
  2. Patrick Kluivert – ST
  3. Ruud Gullit – ST
  4. Morata – ST
  5. Simone Zaza – ST

FIFA 18 Best Heading Strikers

Do note that when you builder your own team the Best Heading Strikers FIFA 18 could be totally different for you. It really depends on your build is it League based? Club based ? Nation based ? etc.. So you need to select the best player that fits your build.

Anyway guys please tell us what you think about our list of the Best Heading Strikers FIFA 18 ? Please let us know in the comment if you feel that we are missing a player that belongs on this FIFA 18 Best Heading Strikers list. Also do not don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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