Best headers in FIFA 16(FUT 16) with the best heading accuracy  and highest jumping. Which players got the highest rankings from EA? Which player is the best option for your own squad?

Best Headers in FIFA 16:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – LW: The Ultimate header of FUT 16. Ronaldo scores regularly headers for Real and is over all of the top rated players. His  heading accuracy is 91, Jumping at 96 and strength at 81 with overall rating of 93(94 in TOTW) there is no better option around than him if you like scoring goals with an header. There is a big down side to Ronaldo and well that is the price as he is one of the most expensive players of the game.
  2. Thiago Silva – CB: The Brazilian CB of Paris Saint Germain is one of the most dangerous center backs when it comes to corners. He scores often goals with his head. His  heading accuracy is 82 which is not bad but with Jumping at 93 and strength at 81 , he has a great package of scoring headers. Thiago’s overall rating is 88 so one very interesting CB when building a hybrid team.
  3. Chiellini – CB: Again a defender with great potential of scoring headers. Chiellini like Thiago has a great combination of strength (89), Jumping (89) and heading accuracy (84). With over rating 87 Italian defender of Juventus can be a great addition to your team to score some headers form free kicks and corners.
  4. Sergio Ramos – CB: We keep going with the CB’s but again due to their total package which makes them potentially great headers. Also Ramos brigs a great package to the pitch with 86 Headers accuracy, 91 Jumping and 80 strength. If you are building a Spanish team then this is one of the becks you would want to have in your team. He scored last year 7 goals which not bad for a defender.
  5. Lewandowski- ST: Now back with attacking player and a great one ! This guy has already an great season start in 2015/16! Within couple games he earned an amazing RB by scoring 5 goals within 9 minutes and all 5 of them starting from the bench with 0-1 score down . His overall score in FIFA is 87 (88 with RB) , his heading accuracy is at 83, jumping at 83 and strength at 81. His regular card is still quite cheaper than Ronaldo and as attacking header our second choice.
  6. Rooney – ST: What to say about this player , probably everyone who plays this game and follows football knows Rooney’s physique. Nevertheless here are his stats in details. Roony has heading accuracy of 80 , Jumping of 81 and strength of 85. He is not the fastest ST around but if you feed him with good crosses this guy can score some nice headers for you.
  7. Miranda – CB: Brazilian,Inter Milan center back with great heading accuracy (86) , jumping (86) and strength (80). Not only is he an ideal header he has great defending skill and physicality as well. With overall rating of 84 he is one great defender who can prevent some goals for you by cleaning all the high balls.
  8. Otamendi – CB : He scored last year 6 goals for Valencia and got himself a transfer to Manchester city this summer. Last season he scored one great header in 2-1 win against Real. So this player is guaranteed an golden header for you. His overall rating is 84 , his heading is at 86 , Jumping at 90 and strength at 82.
  9. Martínez – ST: He just moved this summer form Porto to Atletico for 35 million. Last season he was good for 31 goals for FC Porto. Overall rating is 84 which is 2 points more than last year. His price is still quite ok so one great ST to get with heading at 86 , Jumping of 85 and strength of 87.
  10. Mandzukic – ST:  Mario is one great all-rounder attacking player. He moved this summer to Juve and in his first match scared an opening goal with an header. His overall rating in Fifa is 84, with score of 90 for the heading accuracy, Jumping at 87 and strength of 87 . But also physicality of 86 and shooting 82 makes him one nice player to have in your hybrid team.

Are you looking for other top 5 lists? What do you think about our list of the best headers in FIFA 16 ? Please let us know in the comment if you feel that we are missing a player that belongs on this list.

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