The Best goalkeepers FIFA 19 is one of our easiest top 5 list to create its simply strait forward. FIFA 19 best goalkeepers is a list of the best rated goalkeepers the game has to offer.

Best goalkeepers FIFA 19

So let’s have a look what has changed from the past game. The big news is that Neuer has lost is number one spot after years of being the best.

  1. De Gea – Manchester United – 91
  2. Neuer – FC Bayern München – 91
  3. Oblak– Atlético de Madrid –  90
  4. Courtois – Real Madrid – 90
  5. ter Stegen – FC Barcelona – 89

The top 5 got a good update this year. De Gea got the first spot but also Oblak and ter Stegen hit the top 5 now. Neuer is stil here but on the second spot.

Best goalkeepers FIFA 19

The above top 5 was without Icons but when you add them to the mix you will see a slightly different top 5.

  1. Yashin – Icons – 94
  2. Schmeichel – Icons – 92
  3. Yashin – Icons – 91
  4. Van der Sar – Icons – 91
  5. De Gea – Manchester United – 91

FIFA 19 best goalkeepers

The best goalkeepers FIFA 19 could be possibly different for you! This very much depends on your team build.  When you building your team you may need to consider curtain nationality, club or league. So in order to select the perfect goalkeeper for your team build check out our GoalKeepers Database. You can then filter on Clubs, Nations, Leagues, levels and many other ratings. The database is update regularly so you can also see the best IF’s at that moment.

The goalies list is the kick off of the news season so let us know you think about best goalkeepers FIFA 19? Please let us know in the comment if you feel that we are missing a player that belongs on this FIFA 19 best goalkeepers list. Also do not don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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