Finding the best formation FIFA 19 is not easy done. FIFA 19 offers 49 different formations which could be quite overwhelming. Many of them are quite complex and to reach full potential you will need very specific players. The fact remains there is not real a best formation in FIFA 19. Every gamer has his own playstyle so what works for us does not necessary works for you. Still have a look at our recommendation for the best formation.

Best Formation FIFA 19

In the past two years EA slowed the game down quite a lot. In FIFA 19 they kind of improved that a bit but the gameplay is still far from PES level.

When it comes to choosing formation they are not different from FIFA 18 nor from FIFA 17. In fact even though the engine has changed in the last game the gameplay has not that much. Our recommendation is to choose simple formation to start with. Or in fact choose 2-3 and start playing a lot! You will have one favourite for sure but in case you need to adapt to an strong opponent you will have at least couple switch options without being totally surprised.

If you have the time you can study in-dept couple complex formations and try to form an team that is using the full potential. Do know that when it comes to the formation some may or may not work out for you it really depends on your playstyle the set of players you have, so feel free to try a different combination. Also it’s extremely important to choose an formation that fits your starting team. Once you get more players on the way you can than easily try more complex formations.

As noted above there is no best formation FIFA 19 you will need to adapt sometimes to beat your opponent. The point is to step out of  your comfort zone at the right time when the situation arises. Also remember: every set of  FIFA 19 players is different definitely if the team contains IF’s so it’s your job to find the best formation that suits them!

·         Best Formation FIFA 18: 4-4-2

This formation is for years on our recommendation list. The reason it is very simple to understand it and the formation is quite balanced. You can properly defend with this formation but still have two strikers to attack as well. Problem of this very popular formation is that many players know how to tackle it. So a good combination of quality midfielders and attackers is a must for this formation to work.

Best formation to use against 4-4-2: 4-5-1

·         Best Formation FIFA 18: 4-3-3

Second favorite and also most used in real life in many varieties. It’s biggest pro is that you can use it with attacking wingers, players who need a good cross. If you are a player that who uses a lot of crosses, that this is the formation for you! Remember to combine two fast attacking wingers with an centrum striker who has good jumping and heading. Do note that under pressure you will be missing an midfield player so if you are playing against an stronger opponent this will create problems for you.

Best formation to use against 4-3-3: 4-1-4-1

·         Best Formation FIFA 18: 4-1-2-1-2

More exotic formation with its dynamic midfield. Once you understand this formation it will become your favourite. Do note that you will need two fast ‘wing midfielders’ and a good attacking midfielder, but if you have that, this formation is mighty! This formation is all about pace, and that is exactly the reason way we like it.

Best formation to use against 4-1-2-1-2: 4-5-1

·         Best Formation FIFA 18: 4-2-3-1

This formation is also one for the defending players, because of the four defenders and two defending midfielders. With this formation you let the opponent do the work while you wait for the right opportunity. Remember though you will need to invest in fast attacking players of a high level. Since you will not get many opportunity the couple you get the strike must be capable to score immediately.

Best formation to use against 4-2-3-1: 3-5-2

·         Best Formation FIFA 18: 3-5-2

Van Gaal used this formation with couple years back on the World Championship tournament. The formation is used more and more by FIFA players as you can use your midfield for defending or attacking making it very flexible. The key element in your squad will be to use the right player at the right time, so you will need to invest in a divers midfield team!

Best formation to use against 3-5-2: 4-3-2-1

Please drop us a message of what you think about our best formation FIFA 19 recommendation? If you think that is not complete or have something to add feel free to do so in the comments below.

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